Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day memories...

As I have been spending some time looking through vintage Valentines that I've collected for resale and collage projects, I'm reminded of the Valentine Days of my and my children's childhood.

Remember the boxes we all had to make in school.  We spent time decorating ours to our hearts content.  Just waiting for the day when we exchanged cards with our classmates.  I still look at a box in the store and remember "when". 

If you were like me, you'd go through each card, picking out the right one for each classmate.  Maybe a super special 'person' would get a super special Valentine...but, you didn't want to  be too obvious, that you thought this super special 'person' was super special to you. 

We were never allowed to leave anyone out.  But, me being me, I wouldn't have done that anyway.  And, you sure didn't want to be one 'left out' either.  Even our teacher got a Valentine from each one of us. 

As I look through the vintage cards, I'm enthralled with the beauty of each one.  Some are cute...but, the ones that I favor are the romantic ones with sweet sentiments or simply ask:  "Will you be mine?".  Or, "Happy Valentines Day". 

What are your favorite memories of Valentine's Day?  Mine are the ones from childhood...a young and innocent time.  And especially from my children's youth.  Watching them decorate their box, bring it home after the party and go through each card.  And, of course, an adult, when you know that Valentine's Day is more than a card with a sweet sentiment.  It's what your Valentine does all year long, that makes life Valentine's Day year 'round.

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Shabbygal said...

I think mine wre best as an adult. My first Valentine with hubby was my favorite. He surprised me with a beautiful necklace that I wear everyday since he put it on me. Happy Valentines day! Traci