Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It really is important...today, tomorrow, always

Valentine's Day...a sentimental, romantic day for so many, and for others, not so much.  An "I could care less" or, "it's not important" attitude, deters some from purchasing a card, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates. 

I want to share with you a different thought.  I find it so joyful to pull out a box of mementos from days gone by.  Saved cards, a pretty, but empty box of chocolates, a dried flower saved from a bouquet~maybe the ribbon.  In each one lies a memory.  Some distant, others of a different place and time.  Not all are from my spouse.  Some are from my grandmother (who never missed a birthday), my kids with their chubby fisted signatures, my mom or sister.  They all hold a special meaning and memory for me. 

I can only imagine, as time goes by, a spouse or loved one is gone, the chubby fist is now long and lean, that these things will only hold more value.  When in the quiet hour of the day, a sleepless night of missing someone, comes along.  I'll find myself, with my box in my lap, reading each one, holding it to my chest, shedding a tear or two and remembering a special time, a special love, a special place. 

It is then, that I'll discover just how much love there was, how a simple gift...even just a card~picked out just for me has increased in value over time, and...and, it really was important!

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