Thursday, March 29, 2012

toes in the sand...iowa...march 25th

little fingers and toes gettin' a feel for the sand

can you believe this was taken on march iowa?

a beautiful day spent at the beach~pond with my grandbabies

daughter and son's girl.  purely delightful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A day of pickin'

Wow, what a fun day of pickin' with my mom.  We had one destination in mind, but, since we were heading "in that direction", I made a few more contacts and we made several shop stops.  Luckily, each owner was willing to open up special for us.

We plotted and planned the roads we'd take, doing a round robin.  Heading up the diagonal to Marshalltown, first stop, Kathy's Barn.  A large barn filled to overflowing.  We picked up, turned over, sorted through and added to an ever burgeoning pile. It was not looking too good.  The first stop and we were already "full".  But, one has not seen this gal pack and prod and push around...

On the road again, we headed north on Hwy. 14...destination, Antiques by Mona.  One of the nicest shops I've ever been to.  Nice and clean, bright and wonderfully laid out.  Super, 'true' antiques, it was a delight from start to finish.  A bit more pushing and proding, we got 'er packed in and away we went.

I "met" the gal from Little Prairie Girl on Facebook.  I just had to get there.  This was the one stop we were headed to, when we added the other locals to our list.  A huge barn, filled with antiques, prims and new, two floors of fun.  The Little Prairie Girl had just had their big sale over the weekend, so it had been pretty well picked over, but there were a few things for this gal, and just enough room to fit in "just a few more things".  A real swell gal, a quaint setting and made just for us hot coffee.  Happy!

Getting a bit hungry, we stopped at one of the BEST little spots ever.  We found out it had only been open a week.  Very gracious owners, we were treated to scrumptious food.  I chose a french dip made with homemade Italian bread and my mom had a reuben.  On the side we had the best broccoli salad we've ever tasted...we even brought some home with us.  The Mr. of the team kept coming out with samples of some of their other menu items.  Delicious one and all.  May I suggest, The Whispering Moose if you're anywhere near Grundy Center, Iowa.  

As we made our way back to Des Moines, we headed towards I-35 via the county highways and byways.  Such beautiful scenery Iowa has.  Farmers were in the field...and oddity for March 26th, but, so happy with the winter weather we've had.  Our final destination was Antiques Iowa at Story City.  A haven with everything under the sun offered. 

A great road trip with my mom.  A day of pickin', packed in goods, laughter and fun. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Takin' time for family

it was rather spontaneous...but, it worked out beautifully.  my sister and i were 
'talking' on facebook late last week and decided to have a sleep over at the farm.  spring break was looming and she wanted to make sure they had plenty to do...
that did NOT include hand-held anything.

sunday afternoon, they found their way down the highway, with their final destination down the half mile lane to our place.  they piled out, their bags found their resting spots and we were off to a great start.  the front pond was calling us, a fire started and primed for hot dogs over the open flames.  even callie, our dog, got in on the action.

monday morning started with granddaughter, makenna, and her older brother, my grandson-by-heart, Kobe, arrived for a day of fun.  breakfast...french toast or egg-in-the-nest was ordered up and fixed.  four hungry boys (older) and one petite little girl who kept up with them were full to overflowing and ready for 'chores'.  off we went

at least the four younger ones joined us...oldest nephew riley, stayed in the house, but we had fun.  cows, a walk to the pond and back.  we were just about back to the house, and makenna needed grammie beth to carry her the rest of the way, so, head on my shoulder, we made it back for a rest.

The afternoon found us back at the pond exploring, boating and then some kite flying.  early afternoon brought a down pour and we ran into the house for showers, lunch and some quiet time...we were tired.

 mostly, makenna just got to watch, but that was okay by her...she was getting pretty pooped trying to keep up with the older ones.  i must say, she does pretty good.


so lincoln, my grandson, could enjoy a bit of 'cousin' time, i went and picked him up from daycare after nap time.  he had fun playing, too, and it goes without saying, the kids couldn't get enough of him.

It was a grand day...for all of us.  new memories for the journals in our mind.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Burlap & Roses CLOSED Tuesday March 20th

In preparation for the Open House this weekend, 
Burlap & Roses will be closed on Tuesday, March 20th. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Memories...Riverview Park

Riverview Amusement Park
Des Moines, Iowa

I had forgotten about this group page on Facebook, but just found it again this morning while catching up.  Such fond memories for me and so many.

Riverview, just as the name implies, was located on an island~like spot on the banks of the Des Moines River and was built in the early 1900's by business men in the area.  It was, in it's hey day, the HOT SPOT for young and old alike.  I knew it as a fun amusement park.  Others will remember it in a variety of ways; their first love, great dances, host to 'big band' era greats, and more.  No matter 'what' it was individually, most would have really fond memories of this middle of the state attraction.

As a young girl, my mom would take us to the State Fair, void of the Midway, because the rides there "were not safe", being put up and taken down so quickly.  In lieu of this, we'd get to spend a day at Riverview Park.  I don't remember a time we went, that my cousins, Debbie and Linda, weren't with us.  Their mom had the same philosophy!
I do remember fondly, the laughter and giggles, that ensued on the bumper cars,  the mirrors that would exaggerate your figure, snow cones, photo booths and... 
who didn't get sick from the unforgiving and seemingly unending spinning of the Cuddle Up?

and then...

The Scrambler
As with many things from yesteryear, all we have are our memories.  I have to ask "why" even now as an adult.  I do not believe bigger and newer is better.  But, my guess is, the younger generations will have memories of other amusement parks...I'd almost bet, they won't be the same, though.

These photos are not mine and were found on the following sites:

specific ownership is unknown. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Contest time...

Bring in the ad from The Goods/DM Register for Indianola Downtown, with your name and phone number on it and I'll put it in the hat for the drawing to be held after my OPEN HOUSE on March 23rd and 24th. Door prizes, grand prize.
the photo is NOT the ad you'll be looking for.
 Here's your invitation to the Open House.

 In addition, since the open house is during 'spring break' time, come in during the Open House, dressed in appropriate attire for your dream break destination and receive 20% off one, regularly priced B&R item.  Let's have some fun!