Friday, February 3, 2012


For the past several years, I've planted Paperwhite bulbs about six weeks before Christmas.  Specially selected vintage and new planters and containers, filled with a variety of mediums set the stage for these winter "forced" bloomers.

My favorite potting base is decorative rocks.  However, last year, I planted the bulbs in shredded paper...and they grew.  They are extremely easy to grow.  The biggest hurdle I've found is finding the bulbs...without a planter and potting mix.  I want to do my own.

My customers at Burlap & Roses have purchased these as thank you gifts, hostess gifts and simply a quick 'pick-me-up' for someone or a Christmas gift.  I think if a person were to sit and watch them, they'd see them grow right in front of their eyes.

I've really enjoyed having windows for displays.  Using packing peanuts for snow, I've placed planters filled with bulbs in amongst the 'snow', so as to give the effect of the Paperwhites coming out of the snow...just like they would in the spring. Passersby have stopped and looked at them...some everyday, others once or twice a week. It's been fun for me to watch them 'check out the growth'.

Here's a photo taken of the full grown plants.  Enjoy!

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