Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guest Chef at Burlap & Roses

Next weekend, I'll be taking a couple days off.   BUT, Coffee Shop 508 and Burlap & Roses will be open as usual.

Thursday and Friday, I'll be there.

On Saturday, guest chef, Lois Stanley, will be there...if you've had any of Lois' catering, you know you're in for a treat. If not, trust me, she's a good cooker! 

Courtney Stanley , will be manning the shop on Saturday and Sunday. ON SUNDAY, the coffee shop will be closed.

Please plan to come in and say "hello" to these gals, have a cuppa, lunch, or see what is available at Burlap & Roses and Coffee Shop 508.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tricked out apartment...Burlap & Roses style

Our youngest daughter graduated from college last December and acquired full-time employment at Honey Creek Resort  on Lake Rathbun near Centerville, Iowa, where she had interned the previous summer.  

Excitement ensued as she and I spent a couple days apartment shopping.  We found the perfect place and Mackenzy graciously let me trick out her apartment with items from Burlap & Roses... and a few pieces from home, too.  

Her main room is one open area, so we set out to make a couple "defined" areas.  Above left, we set up a small bar area, complete with the once "used as a check out counter" cabinet.  One side has doors to hold extra supplies and an area for mixing drinks.  On top, we added a vintage tablecloth, folded into a triangle shape in the red/black and cream color scheme.  Two black iron stools offer add'l seating when entertaining guests.  The wall board in the back was picked up at a garage sale Mackenzy and I went to years ago.  It's the perfect backdrop for the "bar" area and she's personalized it with her photos and art.  

In the living area, a loveseat, slip covered in cream, signifies the seating area.  The side and coffee tables came from Burlap & Roses, New Virginia.  The black armoir has been used in various places in our home, and is a great addition to the living room in the apartment.

In the photo to the left, on what was a huge blank white wall, we hung a vintage, handmade quilt, which warmed up the space and gave it a punch of color...which was needed.  

The magazine rack came out of inventory, too.  the pillows were re-used from home.

In the picture to the right, the artwork, tweaked by repainting what was pink and changing it to a deep red and then using glitter on the mouth, makes for a unique and modern look to the otherwise, vintage pieces.  Below the painting, another piece from the inventory at Burlap & Roses.

Mackenzy utilizes a black Love Sac chair and a leopard patterned butterfly chair for additional seating. 

A vintage red faux leather chair can be brought to the seating area if more is needed.  Otherwise, it sits just outside the opening to her kitchen.  On the other side of the doorway, Mackenzy has situated another black iron stool with her laptop computer stand...another great "spot" for her when she's working on her photography, chatting on FB or surfing the net.                                          

Moving on to her bedroom area, a vintage iron bed, bedside tables, lamps and small loveseat make their home in this space.  Blending vintage and new, Mackenzy found the bedspread (first) and everything else just matched up perfectly.

The side table and magazine rack are from Burlap & Roses

This dresser made its way to a small alcove in the corner.  This piece, too, has been in use throughout the years in our home.  Painted cream and shabbied up, it's stood the test of time.

Mackenzy's middle name is Grace, named after her Great Grandma Grace, who passed away just 4 days before she was born.  These vintage letters were just the right thing for the built in shelf at the landing of the stairway.  She's added other pieces around it and it's turned out to be a real cute area. 

The apartment turned out so cute and is just perfect for Mackenzy's laid back, comfortable and inviting style.  She's quite at home there and it's a great place to come home to.  Being thrifty is in, quite charming and definitely offers a unique and customized style, and is INSPIRING.  

Do you have an INSPIRED space to share?  Please share your photos with me and your story at:  I may feature you in one of my future blog postings. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Inspires my creativity at home?

I'm often asked, by those who shop at Burlap & Roses, "is your house decorated with this kind of stuff?"  And, I have to answer, "not really".  I have bits and pieces, combining vintage with new.  You'll find the shabby and chippy things in my garden areas by way of birdhouses, garden decor, Adirondack chairs at the beach/pond...maybe a table or two at chair side, but for the most part...shabby and chippy are not part of my decor...however, if I lived in a cottage on a lake...IT.WOULD.BE.THERE.

this photo shows our remodeled kitchen/DR.  You can see the color scheme, pine flooring and woodwork.  The table is an Ethan Allen,  found at a garage sale years ago.  I stripped it and applied new paint in a creamy white, sanded it in all the right places.  It's been in our family for over 20 years.
For the most part, I'm inclined to decorate with clean lines, an uncluttered look (not to be confused with "clutter" from magazines, laundry and mail ; ~l )  I prefer reds and golds in my color choices.  I've tried to go "all white" or neutral and it just doesn't work for me.  I've done one room in a periwinkle blue, and it just doesn't appeal to me the same way...although I think it's pretty.  Red and golds are in the bedding. Red stirs something in me.  An energy.  Gold cozies things up a bit.  

I'm definitely a "purist" and prefer organic materials:  cotton, linen, burlap, wood, ...lots of texture.  I'm turned off by plastic and vinyl...thus, the siding that encompasses my exterior would be down in a heartbeat if our budget would allow...same with the blinds at my windows.  But, I have to pick my budget battles!  And, I will say, vinyl has it's place and looks nice.  I just happen to like vintage homes and original...everything, if I can have it.

Our home ca. 2009
Much of my decorating is defined by the house...what it calls for.  A typical 4-square farm house, it has original woodwork throughout. Straight-lined, the woodwork does not have fancy fret work or hand carved details.  It's very simple...which I like.  Anything that would be froo~frooie or Victorian would not appeal to me. And, I most likely would not purchase a house with that look...pretty, just not me. 

Pine floor boards call for an understated, casual look.  I love hand braided or area rugs to define a sitting area.  I have a couple vintage hand braided rugs that I just love and have had for awhile.

The Rooster Room
One of the things I enjoy most...both at home, and in purchasing for Burlap & Roses, is to replicate, more affordably and creatively, the looks found in Pottery Barn, Ballard Design or Garnet Hill catalogs.  The Pottery Barn look is very appealing to me.  I have PB, BD and GH items in my decor.  Mostly in bedding. I would have lots and lots if my budget allowed.  So, for me, the challenge to recreate is what's fun. It's what drives my creativity.

What Inspires your creativity at home? 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How does this photo make you feel?

I have a file on my computer of photos that INSPIRE me.  I have several collections of these files...only not as nice and neat.  For years...and years and years, I've torn out fav photos from magazines to my family's dismay.  I stack them, I sort them, I look through them time and again.  It's eye's fuel for my creative soul, it's my favorite pastime.  My "old fashion" files and drawers are overflowing.  

I've found the website:  Pinterest.  Check it's a great way to save your favorite photos and things...I've just recently become introduced to it, so I'm not sure what all can be done...but, I can pin the photos that INSPIRE me right to this site and walla...I have another collection!

Sometimes, when I look through the stacks of INSPIRATION, I'll find a picture or two that I'm not quite sure why I've included it.  I'll look and look at it, trying to find the appeal.  This does not happen often, as my tastes usually run true and I definitely have a "look" that comes through over and over again.  I'll toss them out, only wanting to crowd my "files" with what truly INSPIRES me!  

Such is the photo above.  It's light and bright and I can see myself there...I like to think about how I'd tweak it for my own personal taste, and I would definitely have a red coverlet over the blue.  But, the blue is pleasant.  

What about you like this photo?  What feelings does it evoke in you? Would you keep it the same or make some changes to reflect your personal taste?  Share your thoughts with me.  And make today an INSPIRING day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summon the will...

“So many of our dreams at first seems impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” (((♥))) ~Christopher Reeve

Have you, do you, find this is true in your life?

Leave a comment and tell me  when this has came true for you.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

After two months of the new gig...I'm liking it

Burlap & Roses, formerly known as Vintage Home & Garden, in New Virginia, Iowa has opened it's doors with permanent WEEKLY hours.  In business since 2002, Burlap & Roses was an occasional sale with periodic monthly sale events.  With the opening this spring, several changes have occured...making it more shopper friendly.  So's been a huge success and I anticipate it growing even more.  I'm so happy with my change and am so grateful to those who have stopped by to chat, purchase something or visit with their friends over coffee and a goodie.  It's just what I pictured it'd be like.

I put my 16 year career in real estate on hiatus, wanting to pursue my desire for a more creative and inspiring venture.  I put my real estate license in referral on 
December 31, 2010 and have not looked back.  The shop, formerly known as Vintage Home & Garden has been open for 9 years, but has been mostly an "occasional" sale event.  Now OPEN  every weekend, inc. Thursday day and evening~I'm so pumped and encouraged by this next phase of my life. The support has been incredible both locally and within the "golden circle".  I've always had a great following from the Des Moines Metro area, Osceola and southern Iowa.  Now, being open more often and regularly, I feel I can offer something to the community by way of gifts, the occasional floral delivery(silks and drieds) cards, etc. As well as fun things for the home, garden and the person."
Housed in one of the oldest buildings in New Virginia, the building was originally a meat locker with various professionals located in the front at different times.  The upper level, which is now a loft-like apartment, was home to the telephone operator.  "I've enjoyed hearing the many stories from those 60'ish and older who remember coming with their parent...mostly their mom, to pay the phone bill.  The story goes that the operator "always listened in" to the phone conversations.  A story that could be told in most areas, I'm sure."
Offering a combination of vintage and vintage inspired "new" merchandise, there is something for most every taste.  Following the trends of industrial and farm chic, recycled and repurposed vintage items, such as jewelry, hair accessories, etc. Shabby Chic, prims and more. The creativity of individuals is quite something and fun to be around.  I have a few artists/junkers who consign with me.  With my time being freed up from other obligations, I am able to do my own creating, which is something I can't get enough of.  Whether it's repainting furniture, updating a seat cushion, floral design or upcycling vintage insulators...I'm all about it, never tiring from the process.

With the other changes, Coffee Shop 508 has been added as a full service, but simple, coffee shop offering weekly menus of lite, but delicious entrees, hot and cold beverages and sweet treats...brownie sundaes, cakes or pies, muffins, yogurt parfaits, etc.  All homemade with fresh ingredients when available...the coffee shop has been a great hit~and allot of fun for me.  "More fun than I was expecting"  
Hours are:  Thursday thru Saturday 9-3, Thursday evenings 5-8 and Sunday, noon to 3.  Groups are requested to make reservations for the coffee shop.  I will open by appointment for bus tours, red hatters and other groups...and for the individual.  Http://, 515-238-7720 or