Friday, January 6, 2017

Miss Daisy today

January 6, 2017

Beth Voltmer
What I’ve learned from remodeling Miss Daisy

As we’ve moved through the tearing out of walls, cabinets, flooring and such, there is always a surprise.  The surprise can be good or bad…or just that, a surprise.  Earlier this week, I called the hubs, he was there and I was elsewhere.  He said, “well, you want the good news or the bad news?”  I always say, “just tell me the ‘news’” He goes on to say, “the good news is the wall under the 70’s
Car siding on one wall of the breezeway...soon to be a
laundry/multi-purpose room.  We'll put this all around the room.
paneling is car siding” This excites me!  Then, “the bad news is, I found two bats.”  I was overjoyed by the ‘car siding’ so, the bats, were no big deal.  He didn’t find them in the main house, they were hibernating, and he found where they had gotten in.  No harm done!

The hardwood floors underneath the carpet are beautiful and we’ll sand them down, renting a floor sander from McCoy True Value.  (I just love how convenient they are).  We’ll go a bit darker on the stain, getting it, also, at McCoy’s, bringing it more in line with today’s décor trends.  We’ll have to patch here and there, but the areas we’re tearing out and changing will offer us plenty of flooring to patch with. 

We’re going today to order the cabinetry.  It’ll take about five weeks for it to come in, so time is of the essence.  We’ve measured twice, three, four times, so there shouldn’t be any problems.  The minute I started working at Miss Daisy, I knew what I would do if ever I owned her. #missdaisy #411lincoln #burlapandroses #flippinghomes 

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