Monday, November 21, 2016

Today...I'm home-keeping and I'm happy and blissful.

It seems my life works around blocks of time.  For instance, last week, it was focused on getting my shop ready for the weekend sale I was having.  This week, it's blocked out for home-keeping and preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday.

There are many things that make me happy...and blissfully so.  Nothing compares to having the grand-kids here.  It's always lovely when all my kids are spending some time with us.  Traveling with my hubs is at the top of my blissfully happy list. There's plenty to make me happy and blissfully so, but, I must say, there is something about home-keeping for me that satisfies my soul; that touches me in a way that is comforting.peaceful.reassuring. 

As I sat down to write, Louis Armstrong is singing in the background.  And, the song is one of my favorites:  What a Wonderful World. How perfect.  How blissfully good for my soul.  I'm in my happy place.  

Whether I'm hanging new curtains, wiping down walls and base-board or just doing mundane laundry, at times, it's just pleasant and something I really love to do.  And, music in the background allows me to put a little hand pump, swish and sway and a bit of groove to my duties. If you knew me, on a personal level (and some readers do) you'd get a vivid picture, I'm sure.  

Not everyone feels this way.  The thought of being at home doing the mundane home-keeping chores drives them insane.  Me, too, at times.  About four times a year though, I really get into it.  

Maybe it's the changing of the season, maybe because company is coming.  Or, maybe it's just an inane need that I can't really put a "reason" too.  All I know is that I'm doing it and loving it.  

I've always loved being at home; never really tire of being here.  I've always known I wanted to be a home-maker.  I enjoy keeping my home relatively clean (minus the daunting and excessive dust and areas of creating).  I don't really mind cooking and baking. My interests have a home & family basis.  I like the ebb and flow of it all.  I need it, for my soul, about four times a year.

Today it's the upper level that's getting a good clean.  Bedding laundered, a new look to some of the rooms by changing out the top covers.  I love this warm and cozy time of year and want the bedrooms to convey this.  Vintage quilts, coverlets, and old wool blankets are coming out of the closet.  Flannel sheets have been on for quite some time.  In Iowa, we've only needed the furnace and warm blankets on this past week.  It's been unseasonably, actually, for this time of year.  A picture perfect fall, as far as I'm concerned.

The lower level will get tackled tomorrow along with roasting the turkey and a fire going in the wood-burning fireplace.  I haven't gotten any fall decorations out at all, so, for this year, I'm forgoing them and going straight to the Christmas/winter holiday decor.  That'll come out after Thanksgiving though. I'm more of a seasonal decorator, rather than specific holidays. I find I'm too busy to change everything out so often.  Seasonal it is for me.  How do you decorate?

Today...I'm home-keeping and I'm happy and blissful.  I want to make my home warm and inviting for those I love most, because, as the sign says, "What is most important almost always involves the people around us".  Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours.

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