Friday, August 7, 2015

Busy.Busy.Busy...Warren County Farm Tour

I've dubbed our place, Peace & Plenty Farm.  I feel at peace and always have when I've been here.  We purchased part of the farm that my hubby grew up on a few years ago.  It's where his parents lived when we first met and started dating.  I loved it the first time I visited...what's not to love?

The house sits smack dab in the middle of the original 400+ acres.  A portion has been sold off to the west of the house now, my in-laws live on the 160 acres to the north of us and we own the back SE corner. It's a half mile view and drive to any other road in on three sides of us.  We are blessed with neighbors in the distance, but not right "next door".  We love it!

When family and friends visit, they, too, have felt a sense of peace and tranquility here. A place to unwind, enjoy the quiet and all the pleasantries of living in the country.  We raise beef cattle, have a small garden and have plans to get chickens.  We find it provides our needs.  Thus the Plenty in the name.
When I heard that a few individuals were planning a Warren County Farm Tour, I was interested!  I volunteered Peace & Plenty farm right away and was thrilled when we were selected. 

It's been a labor of love.  Visitors will see the finished projects.  Here's a before photo of the shop that my husband works on tractors, boats, the vehicles and sometimes, projects for Burlap & Roses.  It needed a facelift and got one this past winter/spring. 

You can see a portion of the refreshed shop in this photo.  You can also see the rafters for the shelter that was built at the pond.  These cedar logs were harvested from our farm.  Another project of my hubby!  We collaborated on the design and he seems to get it all together and brought to fruition. 

Here are a few additional photos of our home...the before photos of projects that were a long time coming and are now complete.  Nothing gets you in the mood for getting things done than an event held at your place.  No more procrastination.  We are making headway. 

When we first moved here, approx. 9 years ago, we did some major renos,  Windows, doors, remodeled the upstairs adding a bath, laundry and rerouting a hallway to the sleeping porch.  We also remodeled the kitchen and dining room.

Stay tuned.  I'll write again on this venture in the next few days.  In the meantime, follow the farm tour at:  www.warrencountyfarmtour.com
and LIKE the Facebook page:  Warren County Farm Tour/FB