Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We had an early Christmas this year.  If all of my family isn't together, it's just not the same.  And, this year, we had a special gift for the grandkids.  I've been "mindful" of a gift request from our then, almost five year old granddaughter, Makenna, last February.  She thought it'd be a great idea if we got her a pony for her upcoming birthday.  Well, I was keen on the idea right away...Grampie, not so much.  I told Makenna that that was a great idea, that it'd take some planning and it'd have to be a gift for the grandkids, not just for her.  She was happy with that and new it wouldn't be any time soon before there would be a pony to come and live at Grammie and Grampies.

This past October, we were heading out of town for the weekend, when I checked my Facebook, and low and behold, someone was selling a pony!  In our price range, close by.  Long story short, we were able to get her.  Spirit is her name.  We've had her at our place since October, anticipating the big reveal.  Keeping her hidden until Christmas.  Talking over and around, spelling and hand signals when the kiddos were around.  (Note to self:  won't be able to use the spelling card much longer as Makenna is learning to read.)

Since the pony was their "big" gift, I made up a small package for each of them.  It had their ornament that I made; a cowboy and cowgirl, a cowboy hat embellished for each, pony books for each, a pony comb and a bag of carrots.  Lincoln, who's 3-1/2 didn't recognize a pattern, but, Makenna was showing some signs of a pattern to the gifts.  The carrots were a crazy gift to get for sure.  So, with a puzzled look on her face, we talked about what each thing was for and if she thought there was some clues.  Then, we got the signal that the pony was in place.  The look on her face was so precious. Like, "am I seeing what I'm seeing". 

Here's the video of the big reveal.  Enjoy! 

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