Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coffee mugs and other musings...

This is the mug I'm drinking from these days.  It's a tall, sturdy mug that feels good in my hand.  Much a like a handbag has to work for me, so goes the mug.

I have mugs from a variety of places.  It seems to be the one souvenir we get on vacation.  It's easy to pack, easy on the budget and truly, the memories one conjures up when sipping from a souvenir mug is priceless. 

This particular mug was painted by moi.  Several years ago...and I do mean several, I purchased mugs for everyone that was going to be at our Christmas gathering at my sis-in-laws.  I also purchased a paint your own mug kit so we could all create our own personalized mug. 

It was fun.  The gals got into it more than the guys and my father-in-law, with a little urging and cajoling, complied, too.
I love my cup and all the memories I have of that day and time.  The kids were all smaller, of course, I loved being at my hub's sister's home, a happy time with family.  It's just a really nice reminder, that otherwise, you might not have, if left to your own "forgetful" devices. 

What inspires memories in you?  A photo, a pillow, a coffee mug...

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