Monday, November 24, 2014

'Tis the season for merriment and good wishes!  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching.  We're hosting at our home.  How about you? 

pre-holiday turkey
A traditional meal is kids want it, so that's what we'll do. I actually enjoy changing it up a bit.  I'd be happy with tacos or pasta.  But, turkey will reign and ham, too.  Potatoes, and gravy and stuffing taboot!  Pumpkin and pecan will be the desserts, we'll be so stuffed, we'll be untucking our shirts.

I made a turkey last week.  I just loved how it browned up. Here's what I did:  Removed the inside packets, washed with cold water, placed in a roaster and covered with olive oil.  I packed the interior with onion, carrots and seasoning mixture. I then sprinkled the seasoning mixture for poultry all over.  Covered with aluminum foil, baked at 350 for two hours, then removed foil, baked another 45 minutes allowing the bird to brown.  The turkey weighed 13 lbs. and took exactly three hours to bake.  Of course, you'd need to alter baking/browning time according to weight.

The thing I really like about baking turkey up, is that it gives us about five meals.  Later in the week I made turkey and noodles.  The rest went into the freezer for later.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

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