Monday, October 14, 2013

This impending wedding am I feeling?

Mackenzy and her daddy, I wonder what he's feeling?

The countdown is on.  Finally getting a bit of time to think about this impending event.  Our youngest daughter gets married this Saturday.  What am I feeling? 

Firstly, we couldn't be happier with her choice in a lifelong mate.  She and Eric, her fiance, have been great friends all through jr. high and high school.  They have a group of friends that just hung out together.  A few dated, but these two did not.  I remember asking Mackenzy if she thought she'd like to date Eric.  She always said, "no", they were just great friends.  When I asked Eric the same question, he said, "yes, he would have liked to have dated her, but didn't want anything to hurt their friendship".

So, when it happened, over Eric's 21st birthday get together, it came as no surprise to me.  And, it would seem like it was a natural thing for the two of them.  It just took them awhile...or, "good things come to those who wait".

I've been so caught up in the "need to get done", shopping lists, creating and planning, that I have not allowed myself time to really think about how I'm feeling about this whole thing.  My baby girl is getting married. As I sit here and write this, tears come to my eyes.  I don't know why?  But they do.

She's a beautiful girl, daughter.  She loves life and lives it to the fullest.  Loyal, compassionate, loving, kind, respectful...all these things and more.  I'm proud of her.  I'm proud of who she's chosen to love and live her life with.  I anticipate what the future holds for her...them.

The countdown is on, she is my baby girl...a tear comes to my eye.