Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My inspired life: Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$

My inspired life: Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$: Makenna, our granddaughter, spent the night one evening recently and, as always, she found the change that I leave out on the counter for th...

Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$

Makenna, our granddaughter, spent the night one evening recently and, as always, she found the change that I leave out on the counter for the grands to find for their piggy banks at Grammie and Grampie's.  

She squealed with delight and asked if she could put it in her piggy bank.  I said sure and was not concerned about Lincoln, our grandson, not getting any.  He's gotten to put money in when Makenna was not at our house.

She went to the piggy banks and started putting the money in.  I was just busying around the kitchen, but overheard her say, "I'm going to put some in Lincoln's too".  How sweet and thoughtful.  I didn't say anything and let her do what she felt was right for her.  

We are blessed with some pretty awesome grandchildren.  Not a sentiment exclusive to us.  It's the moments in life like these that are what life is all about.  The photo above was taken when both got to go camping with us earlier this summer.  I come from a family of lots of aunts, uncles and cousins...1st, 2nd, 3rd...just doesn't matter.  I've always treasured this part of my life and look forward to my grandchildren being close and having each other through life's twists and turns, ups and downs, happy and sad times.  Such joy to my heart!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Impromptu get-togethers can be the best get-togethers.

It started with a phone call on the eve of the 4th of July and within minutes, a gathering was coming together.  "Pack the kids, bring some food, and head on down" for an impromptu overnight stay and style. 

Sometimes, things just come together, and for me, that's when I know "it's just meant to be".  No fussing, deliberating, second-guessing.  That's how it was for this plan.

Our youngest, Mackenzy, and her fiance, Eric, had already reserved their room and were coming down for a pre-4th party in town.  And so it goes.
Since I've been doing a lot of deep cleaning, not all rooms were available in the "inn" so my three nephews took to the camper to sleep.  Sutton, after hearing a coyote, was somewhat concerned about his safety, but he quickly put it aside and got a good night's sleep.  

The guys, my hubs and brother-in-law, left early to go fishing.  I thought I'd have a bit of quiet time before everyone was up and going.  That was not to be.

Bright and early, I found the cutest little guy coming in the door for a visit.  "Hello Mimaw"  What???  Courtney, my oldest, was out of bed and maneuvering on a day off?  Sure enough and there was my precious Lincoln.  Could the day get any better?

We missed our annual parade watching, choosing to stay home and relax.  A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs got us started.  The guys came back just in time, and one by one, the boys made their way in from the camper.  It wasn't

long and we were headed out the door for some fun and sun at the pond.  The day was filled with swimming, boating, 4-wheeling and more.  A bonfire closed the night down...and of course, smores.  A perfect 4th.

This past weekend was more of the same...a call here and another there turned out a sweet little gathering of friends and family.  It was New Virginia's annual Old Settler's Celebration and they always have a nice display of fireworks on Saturday night. 

We have a perfect view from our farm and the pond was just the place to be. The coming together was "just meant to be".  Only a few people weren't able to make it.  As the sun set, we chatted over food and drinks.  Jokes and stories, questions and "getting to know each other" for those who were just meeting made for a wonderful evening.  This is the view over the horizon.  Picture perfect don't you think?
Granddaughter, Makenna front left, grandson, Lincoln, back left and Minna Lickiss on the right enjoy getting to know each other.  They sure had fun together.


The group gathers for a final photo.  Son, Tanner's classmate, Scott and his family joined us just in time for fireworks.  All was well with my world.  

Back left:  Dan and Uly Gift, hubs, Steve, Maria and Steve.
Front:  Scott, Ashley and Morgan, Tanner, Abbie and Makenna.  Left to early:  Chad and grandson, Lincoln; Kurt, Denette and Minna Lickiss.