Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Well, I've decided one of the best parts of being a parent comes way after the kids are grown and they start families of their own...making me and my hubs, of course, grandparents. 

Father's Day left us full to overflowing with happiness.  Our exchange student, from 20 years ago, Helena, and her fiance, Mikko, are visiting.  Courtney, our oldest came over to visit, bringing her almost two year old in tow. 

I can not express how it moves me almost to tears to see him smile ear to ear when he sees Grammie and Grampie...a.k.a. Pipaw and Mimaw to him.  He can't get to us fast enough; his short little legs in the tall grass does not help.  And, we can't wait to have him in our arms.  Precious in every way.

Then, over the hill we see Abbie and Makenna making their way down the lane to come and visit for a bit, too. We are as excited to see our sweet little Makenna as she is to see us.  We have to be her favorites for sure ; ).  Does not get much better than this...oh, but it did!

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the sights and sounds of live music at Summerset Winery.  Blue skies with powder puff clouds, a gentle breeze, a pitcher of their yummy sangria and our daughter, Mackenzy and her fiance, Eric, joined us for the afternoon. 

It was a lovely Father's Day.

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