Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who doesn't love Red.White.Blue.

Summer is here and so is the color scheme of Red.White.Blue.  What screams summer more than this?

From ripe tomatoes to proud daisies to flag bearers carrying them, the colors of summer are here? 

It starts with the beginning-of-summer Memorial Day Holiday thru the end-of-summer Labor Day Holiday.  We wear it, magazine covers feature it and our tables are set with it...red.white.blue.                                      

What conjurs up more reminders and reminiscing than the colors of summer?  Firstly, our flag.  What a beauty it is.  We carry it, drape it, fly it on homes, our businesses and vehicles.                                                      
I think of camping and boating, fishing and fun.  Family and friend time, picnics and ice cream.  Bike rides, parades and celebrations galore.                                                     

Summer is here and so is the color scheme.

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