Monday, December 9, 2013

What is your style?

It came across my Facebook page and I couldn't resist.  What's that you're wondering?  Well, it's a little questionnaire; you answer a few questions or, in this case, pick out five photos that "speak to you" and you'll find out, "who you are" "what you like" and in this instance, what my "decorating style is". 

It's quick and was actually "right on".  Have some fun, leave your comment on my blog, and share this with your friends. 

Here's the link:

p.s. I'm Classic/Boho. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

This impending wedding am I feeling?

Mackenzy and her daddy, I wonder what he's feeling?

The countdown is on.  Finally getting a bit of time to think about this impending event.  Our youngest daughter gets married this Saturday.  What am I feeling? 

Firstly, we couldn't be happier with her choice in a lifelong mate.  She and Eric, her fiance, have been great friends all through jr. high and high school.  They have a group of friends that just hung out together.  A few dated, but these two did not.  I remember asking Mackenzy if she thought she'd like to date Eric.  She always said, "no", they were just great friends.  When I asked Eric the same question, he said, "yes, he would have liked to have dated her, but didn't want anything to hurt their friendship".

So, when it happened, over Eric's 21st birthday get together, it came as no surprise to me.  And, it would seem like it was a natural thing for the two of them.  It just took them awhile...or, "good things come to those who wait".

I've been so caught up in the "need to get done", shopping lists, creating and planning, that I have not allowed myself time to really think about how I'm feeling about this whole thing.  My baby girl is getting married. As I sit here and write this, tears come to my eyes.  I don't know why?  But they do.

She's a beautiful girl, daughter.  She loves life and lives it to the fullest.  Loyal, compassionate, loving, kind, respectful...all these things and more.  I'm proud of her.  I'm proud of who she's chosen to love and live her life with.  I anticipate what the future holds for her...them.

The countdown is on, she is my baby girl...a tear comes to my eye.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My inspired life: Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$

My inspired life: Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$: Makenna, our granddaughter, spent the night one evening recently and, as always, she found the change that I leave out on the counter for th...

Sharing...the love...the kisses...the $$$

Makenna, our granddaughter, spent the night one evening recently and, as always, she found the change that I leave out on the counter for the grands to find for their piggy banks at Grammie and Grampie's.  

She squealed with delight and asked if she could put it in her piggy bank.  I said sure and was not concerned about Lincoln, our grandson, not getting any.  He's gotten to put money in when Makenna was not at our house.

She went to the piggy banks and started putting the money in.  I was just busying around the kitchen, but overheard her say, "I'm going to put some in Lincoln's too".  How sweet and thoughtful.  I didn't say anything and let her do what she felt was right for her.  

We are blessed with some pretty awesome grandchildren.  Not a sentiment exclusive to us.  It's the moments in life like these that are what life is all about.  The photo above was taken when both got to go camping with us earlier this summer.  I come from a family of lots of aunts, uncles and cousins...1st, 2nd, 3rd...just doesn't matter.  I've always treasured this part of my life and look forward to my grandchildren being close and having each other through life's twists and turns, ups and downs, happy and sad times.  Such joy to my heart!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Impromptu get-togethers can be the best get-togethers.

It started with a phone call on the eve of the 4th of July and within minutes, a gathering was coming together.  "Pack the kids, bring some food, and head on down" for an impromptu overnight stay and style. 

Sometimes, things just come together, and for me, that's when I know "it's just meant to be".  No fussing, deliberating, second-guessing.  That's how it was for this plan.

Our youngest, Mackenzy, and her fiance, Eric, had already reserved their room and were coming down for a pre-4th party in town.  And so it goes.
Since I've been doing a lot of deep cleaning, not all rooms were available in the "inn" so my three nephews took to the camper to sleep.  Sutton, after hearing a coyote, was somewhat concerned about his safety, but he quickly put it aside and got a good night's sleep.  

The guys, my hubs and brother-in-law, left early to go fishing.  I thought I'd have a bit of quiet time before everyone was up and going.  That was not to be.

Bright and early, I found the cutest little guy coming in the door for a visit.  "Hello Mimaw"  What???  Courtney, my oldest, was out of bed and maneuvering on a day off?  Sure enough and there was my precious Lincoln.  Could the day get any better?

We missed our annual parade watching, choosing to stay home and relax.  A hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs got us started.  The guys came back just in time, and one by one, the boys made their way in from the camper.  It wasn't

long and we were headed out the door for some fun and sun at the pond.  The day was filled with swimming, boating, 4-wheeling and more.  A bonfire closed the night down...and of course, smores.  A perfect 4th.

This past weekend was more of the same...a call here and another there turned out a sweet little gathering of friends and family.  It was New Virginia's annual Old Settler's Celebration and they always have a nice display of fireworks on Saturday night. 

We have a perfect view from our farm and the pond was just the place to be. The coming together was "just meant to be".  Only a few people weren't able to make it.  As the sun set, we chatted over food and drinks.  Jokes and stories, questions and "getting to know each other" for those who were just meeting made for a wonderful evening.  This is the view over the horizon.  Picture perfect don't you think?
Granddaughter, Makenna front left, grandson, Lincoln, back left and Minna Lickiss on the right enjoy getting to know each other.  They sure had fun together.


The group gathers for a final photo.  Son, Tanner's classmate, Scott and his family joined us just in time for fireworks.  All was well with my world.  

Back left:  Dan and Uly Gift, hubs, Steve, Maria and Steve.
Front:  Scott, Ashley and Morgan, Tanner, Abbie and Makenna.  Left to early:  Chad and grandson, Lincoln; Kurt, Denette and Minna Lickiss. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Well, I've decided one of the best parts of being a parent comes way after the kids are grown and they start families of their own...making me and my hubs, of course, grandparents. 

Father's Day left us full to overflowing with happiness.  Our exchange student, from 20 years ago, Helena, and her fiance, Mikko, are visiting.  Courtney, our oldest came over to visit, bringing her almost two year old in tow. 

I can not express how it moves me almost to tears to see him smile ear to ear when he sees Grammie and Grampie...a.k.a. Pipaw and Mimaw to him.  He can't get to us fast enough; his short little legs in the tall grass does not help.  And, we can't wait to have him in our arms.  Precious in every way.

Then, over the hill we see Abbie and Makenna making their way down the lane to come and visit for a bit, too. We are as excited to see our sweet little Makenna as she is to see us.  We have to be her favorites for sure ; ).  Does not get much better than this...oh, but it did!

It was a beautiful day to enjoy the sights and sounds of live music at Summerset Winery.  Blue skies with powder puff clouds, a gentle breeze, a pitcher of their yummy sangria and our daughter, Mackenzy and her fiance, Eric, joined us for the afternoon. 

It was a lovely Father's Day.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who doesn't love Red.White.Blue.

Summer is here and so is the color scheme of Red.White.Blue.  What screams summer more than this?

From ripe tomatoes to proud daisies to flag bearers carrying them, the colors of summer are here? 

It starts with the beginning-of-summer Memorial Day Holiday thru the end-of-summer Labor Day Holiday.  We wear it, magazine covers feature it and our tables are set with                                      

What conjurs up more reminders and reminiscing than the colors of summer?  Firstly, our flag.  What a beauty it is.  We carry it, drape it, fly it on homes, our businesses and vehicles.                                                      
I think of camping and boating, fishing and fun.  Family and friend time, picnics and ice cream.  Bike rides, parades and celebrations galore.                                                     

Summer is here and so is the color scheme.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happier Bride...

I had the opportunity to review this book, Happier Bride, and since my youngest is in the throngs of planning her wedding, I thought it was very timely. 

Delightful...the colors, the font, photos and simple format.  Easy to read and follow.  Great ideas and gentle reminders; with the intention of having a Happier Bride and a beautiful wedding. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shop online with Burlap & Roses at our Oddity Store

Of course, we hope you shop 'locally' first and foremost, but if you can't find it at your local favorite shop, then try Burlap & Roses Oddity shop.  We carry this line, but not all of it...or we may be out.  Just order, pay for it all online and it'll be shipped to you directly.  


Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day 2013

Got in the house just in time for the Inauguration.  So glad I was able to see it.  James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson's songs were beautifully done.  Proud to be an stand beside those who see things the way I do, to be challenged and awakened by those who view things a bit differently.  All for the greater good...all so we can be and do and want and have.  We are a very fortunate people.  Blessed so that we may be a blessing to the world, your world, their world...OUR world.  Beth Cort-Voltmer 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The end always starts with a beginning.

The end always starts with a beginning, and January 1, 2013 was the day for I, and my hubs, to get back on track with sensible eating.  A lifestyle update.  Not a diet really, just eating the right things for more energy, strong bones, and overall better health. 

In the end, as in the beginning, I hope to take off the pounds that have crept on over the years.  They didn't sneak up on, I kept a keen eye on the scale, but lacked the motivation and determination to do anything about it.

Last spring, though, something different happened to me.  My outlook, my desire, my mindset.  I felt 'ready' to make the changes that were required, to commit and move forward with this lifestyle change. I give allot of credit to one of my best friends, Jeanne, who has lost over 140 pounds, in just a little over a year.  It is her success and determination, as well as, her informative guidance that has help me start and stay in the game. 

I must admit, my determination fell off after just a few short months, and after I lost 20 pounds.  I've kept those 20 off until just recently, when I could feel my energy waning, my midriff thickening and my overall feeling was one of dread and disappointment.  I let myself down.  And, when I looked back, I realized I could have had another 20-30 pounds off, had I just stuck with it.  Darn it, Beth! 

I have put four pounds back on.  I knew I had.  I could sense it...both in how I looked and my energy.  It's just that quick!  It's just that obvious!  One thing for sure, having changed my eating habits, being cognizant of how I looked and felt, and being more in-tune with what my mind and body were telling me, I was able to recognize these things before they got out of hand.

Most of the junk food is out of the house.  It really is not a temptation for me on a regular basis, anyway. My mind is ready to mentally plan and make healthy food choices.  I know I have to add more activity into my daily schedule.  I have a better handle on what I like and WILL DO, will make time for.  I know that I have a tendency to get on a roll with just a few dishes, eat it over and over again...then, I get bored.  So, maybe this is just how I'm going to operate.  Rather than beat myself up over it, I recognize how I am and can deal with it.  

So, back to the end, which allows for a new beginning.  In this case, the new year.  In 2012, I lost 20 pounds, started eating better, maintained the weight loss, learned allot about myself, my eating patterns and habits.  I journal and keep track of my calorie intake online with My Fitness Pal.  I have also found that taking a daily vitamin and Vitamin D with calcium do wonders.  I will also do a 'natural' cleanse with a vinegar and honey tea one week a month.  

I recognize when I've eaten too much of the wrong thing...I get sluggish.  I know that I feel best with a low carb high protein diet.  I know that if I prepare my food so that it is 'grab and go' I do better.  I know that I have to make myself eat earlier in the day and make those food choices ones that give me energy right away.  Pasta, bread and other carbs are not my friends, although I LOVE them.  I know I enjoy coffee with cream and sugar too much to let it go, so I've altered how much of the cream and sugar I use.  I've dramatically reduced those additions.  The other thing I found out is...if I don't make my coffee strong, I need less of the cream and sugar to make it just right.
So, January 1, 2013, I made my hubs and I a delicious high protein, low carb brunch of scrambled eggs and ham in tortilla's, topped with cheese, baked in the oven and served with a glass of orange juice.  

Later in the day, we hiked our farm, up and down hills, through the snow.  It was exhilarating.  It was fun.  I need to do this more!   

So, as 2012 came to an end, I want 2013 to be the beginning of this journey.  My continued journey to me. More energy, strong bones and overall better health...with some weight loss along the way.