Friday, October 12, 2012

a pile of photos...

There is just something so very special about holding a pile of photos in your hand; a history. memories. longevity.

I've been thinking about this allot lately and then my mom called and asked for some photos of my grandchildren; her greats.  I don't have any 'in hand'.  They are all on the computer.  

I, alone, have sat for countless hours looking through family photos.  My grandmother's photo album of choice was a top drawer in a built in cabinet in her hallway.  My mom's...a drawer in a dresser.  My own photos have been relegated to a light blue plastic tote.  Not many in photo albums for any of us.  

We have family gatherings a few times a year and family photos always show up for memory making.  I love to hear the stories that one simple black and white or faded photo conjure up.   Passed from hand to hand, we all look at the photo, recollect our own memories or sit and listen as the story is told.  Who's who?  How are they related?  Where are they now?  

So, here is what my concern is:  will sitting around a computer, looking at photos, hold the same charm?  I don't think so...not for me anyway.  And, I want for my family, the wonderful feeling of holding a black and white or faded photo in their hand; passing it from one person to the other.  One generation to another.  I want them to be able to enjoy the hours spent, going through family photos;  to be able to enjoy a story as a photo is being passed from person to person.  

So, every now and then, I will pick out photos in my online albums and send away for prints.  Forgetting that I ordered them, a couple days later, I'm pleasantly surprised when I find a Kodak package in my mailbox.  I stop, right then and there, and flip through the photos.  a history. memories. longevity.

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