Friday, July 13, 2012

my morning went like this...

I woke up bright and early, got the coffee started and waited for the hubs to get ready for work.  Every other Friday he's either off or goes in an hour later.  I was looking forward to sharing a cup of Joe with him on our porch.  The weather has been so mild these past few days, so getting to do this, on a cool morning at 6:30, was a lovely thought.

view towards town
We live in the middle of 400 acres of crop, pasture and CRP ground.  Not all of it is ours, but it did belong to Steve's family at one time.  Literally, the house was built right in the middle.  With no homes or buildings to cloud our view for 1/2 miles in any direction, it's just us and the wildlife.  And, we savor that...a whole lot.

This morning, our dog, Callie was digging in and under our porch...for what, who knows.  But something was keeping her attention.  It wasn't long and a bunny hopped past.  It brought a smile to our faces.  Callie could care less about the rabbits that roam here, but, the rabbit doesn't know that.  It was cautious, would hop, hop, hop.  Stop. Look over it's shoulder then start the process again.

Out of the corner of Steve's eye he saw the bunny playing in the grass at the spot where our yard joins the hay field.  It was joined by another one. I turned to watch.  They were so cute.  I've never seen bunnies play like they were.  They literally were 'playing'.  I can't even begin to describe what they were doing, but it consisted of hops, side jumps, one over the other.  It made for a pleasant chuckle.

Steve left and I continued my morning on the porch, my 'just right' coffee on the table beside me,  magazine in my hand.  Callie continued her pursuit of whatever, and a movement near the corn field caught my eye.  A coyote.  It visits quite often.  A lone 'wolf' so to speak.  Callie had not caught site or scent of it.  Again, the coyote didn't know this and was very apprehensive.  A few quiet steps, a look, a few steps more.  Finally, he was far enough away to be safe and trotted off.

the winning hummer
One of the most joyous of joys are the birds the flit here and there around the house.  We have three hummingbirds that keep us entertained.  This morning was no exception.  They are quite territorial I've decided and fight over the sweetened water at the feeder we provide.  Now, there are six spigots for these little darlings, but they just don't get along.  Did you know they make a noise?  Not the buzz of their wings, another sound.  News to me!

and rain came danced
In the distance, the thunder clapped, the clouds rolled in and the scent of rain filled the air.  THAT~is a great scent.  Believe me, we need the rain.  Then the wind picked up and I came inside.  The rains came down and it was beautiful...and my morning went like this!

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