Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A cup is worth a thousand memories and more.

it's just a simply striped cup, but the memories it holds will be cherished for a lifetime.  it's funny what a little cup can do for the memory.  

my hubs and i enjoy sipping our coffee from a variety of cups we've picked up on our travels.  when picking one out, i first look for the one that 'strikes my fancy' because of color, the artwork or a saying.  then, it has to feel 'just right' in my hand.  the feel good weight and grip.  the hubs, well, he doesn't really care about all of that and just goes with whatever i've picked out for him.  but, we have reminisced about a special time or place that a particular cup has evoked...much like a song would do, many times.

today, over coffee and readying my mind for the day, i'm enjoying my cup of joe in the cup pictured above.  a gift from my aunt loretta.  she gave these out as party favors at a recent birthday lunch for her sis, and my aunt, mary.  the cup couldn't fit my hand and fulfill the just right 'good weight and grip' in my hand any better.  and, the memories it evokes, with each soothing sip, is worth a thousand memories and more...


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vintage Chair Decorating Contest

Back by popular demand, Vintage Chair Decorating Contest.  Saturday, July 28th during the Balloon Classic Open Air Market on The Square in Indianola.  
Prior year entry

Pre-registration required.  $20.00 entry fee, People's Choice, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place judged by local artists/personalities.

Call 515-238-7720 for more information.

Prior year entry