Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Sunday Back Roads Kinda Day

We woke up early had a cup of coffee and took a little nap.  I woke up energized after 15 minutes...with one thing on my mind.  This was a Sunday Back Roads kinda day.

I asked the hubs if he was interested and he liked the idea, too.  Within a short time, we were ready to go.  Heading west, south, then was gravel all the way~destination Creston, Iowa.  No map, just a general idea of where we needed to head to "get there".  

I love Sunday drives and taking the backroads is even better.  We hadn't done this for a long, long time.  I honestly was excited.  The following is our day in pictures.

Mt. Pisgah Monument & Park

Log Cabin Homestead at site

Monument to those who lost their life at this site

Creston School Library several weeks after the tornado hit...notice the books.

Unknown structure~two or three damaged, all around not a bit of damage

Sun Valley Lake...will our dream of owning a lake home come true?
A Llama sunbathing.  Steve was amazed at this site
We rounded out our drive with a stop to see our granddaughter before she went home.  She rode her new bike for us...first time!  Daddy, Abbie or mommy couldn't 
get her to do it.  Oh, the magic of Grammie and Grampie!

A gloriously delightful day ended with a glass of Moscato, a mozzarella, cherry 
tomato and avocado salad, good Italian bread and my hubs by my side~
ahhhhh, my day is complete.

Have a blessed week ahead!

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M C Murphy said...

I would like to use your picture of the Mt. Pisgah homestead on my family history blog ( Could you give me permission to use it?

Margaret Murphy