Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Memories...Riverview Park

Riverview Amusement Park
Des Moines, Iowa

I had forgotten about this group page on Facebook, but just found it again this morning while catching up.  Such fond memories for me and so many.

Riverview, just as the name implies, was located on an island~like spot on the banks of the Des Moines River and was built in the early 1900's by business men in the area.  It was, in it's hey day, the HOT SPOT for young and old alike.  I knew it as a fun amusement park.  Others will remember it in a variety of ways; their first love, great dances, host to 'big band' era greats, and more.  No matter 'what' it was individually, most would have really fond memories of this middle of the state attraction.

As a young girl, my mom would take us to the State Fair, void of the Midway, because the rides there "were not safe", being put up and taken down so quickly.  In lieu of this, we'd get to spend a day at Riverview Park.  I don't remember a time we went, that my cousins, Debbie and Linda, weren't with us.  Their mom had the same philosophy!
I do remember fondly, the laughter and giggles, that ensued on the bumper cars,  the mirrors that would exaggerate your figure, snow cones, photo booths and... 
who didn't get sick from the unforgiving and seemingly unending spinning of the Cuddle Up?

and then...

The Scrambler
As with many things from yesteryear, all we have are our memories.  I have to ask "why" even now as an adult.  I do not believe bigger and newer is better.  But, my guess is, the younger generations will have memories of other amusement parks...I'd almost bet, they won't be the same, though.

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