Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Takin' time for family

it was rather spontaneous...but, it worked out beautifully.  my sister and i were 
'talking' on facebook late last week and decided to have a sleep over at the farm.  spring break was looming and she wanted to make sure they had plenty to do...
that did NOT include hand-held anything.

sunday afternoon, they found their way down the highway, with their final destination down the half mile lane to our place.  they piled out, their bags found their resting spots and we were off to a great start.  the front pond was calling us, a fire started and primed for hot dogs over the open flames.  even callie, our dog, got in on the action.

monday morning started with granddaughter, makenna, and her older brother, my grandson-by-heart, Kobe, arrived for a day of fun.  breakfast...french toast or egg-in-the-nest was ordered up and fixed.  four hungry boys (older) and one petite little girl who kept up with them were full to overflowing and ready for 'chores'.  off we went

at least the four younger ones joined us...oldest nephew riley, stayed in the house, but we had fun.  cows, a walk to the pond and back.  we were just about back to the house, and makenna needed grammie beth to carry her the rest of the way, so, head on my shoulder, we made it back for a rest.

The afternoon found us back at the pond exploring, boating and then some kite flying.  early afternoon brought a down pour and we ran into the house for showers, lunch and some quiet time...we were tired.

 mostly, makenna just got to watch, but that was okay by her...she was getting pretty pooped trying to keep up with the older ones.  i must say, she does pretty good.


so lincoln, my grandson, could enjoy a bit of 'cousin' time, i went and picked him up from daycare after nap time.  he had fun playing, too, and it goes without saying, the kids couldn't get enough of him.

It was a grand day...for all of us.  new memories for the journals in our mind.

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MEM said...

Enjoyed the journey around Iowa---been to many shops, need to stop at others. We love shopping in Iowa and always find neat things. First time visitor to your interesting blog and Facebook.