Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fantab Idea

Most anyone who's remotely 'close' to me knows that I'm a magazine junkie.  BIG TIME!  I was chatting with some new found friends, via Burlap & Roses, over coffee the other day and our conversation lead to this topic.

I have stacks and stacks of magazine clippings of photos of homes, rooms, decor, design ideas, etc.  The one thing about doing that, that I don't like is it's not a good and fair way to 'share' the magazine.  Some will be re-sold at Burlap & Roses at a great discount.  Others will be donated to the library, a nursing home, trading with friends, etc.  Sooooo...

One of the gals said, "just take a picture" of the picture, then save it on your computer.  BRILLIANT, I say.  So, when I couldn't sleep last night (up 'til 4 a.m.) I did just that.  Went through my stacks of magazines (in an effort to organize and clean up the piles), took photos of the things I wanted to "keep" and filed them away under my Home and Garden Decor file on my computer.  I will keep them there, AND I plan to share them on share the LOVE!  If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, just click on the highlighted PINTEREST that I've provided.  If you're knew to Pinterest and would like to be invited to join, just let me know by providing me your email address.  I'll help you geet started.  Can you say EYE CANDY?  ; )

Inspiration is the key word won't be disappointed!

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