Monday, December 12, 2011

Only in a Small Town...

The other day I rec'd a call from someone looking for information on a dog groomer in or around New Virginia.  I asked how she came to call me and she said she found my business in the local phone directory.  "Thought someone with a coffee shop would know what she was talking about", she said.  I was happy to oblige and gave her the name of "our" local groomer.  

Knowing your neighbors, figuratively and literally speaking, and possibly just a little of what is going on in their life is a real special thing in this day and age.  I think it's a fortunate person who can say they live in a small town.

Nothing wrong with larger communities...they just aren't my thing.  And, I would have to guess, most would say there is a noticeable difference.  A "friendliness", sense of safety, and a oneness in a small community; where students and teachers see each other on the street, at church, the post office.  Word of a death passes from neighbor to neighbor in a timely fashion.  A little bit of "Mayberry" you could say. 

Today, as I opened the shop in Indianola, I overheard the postman telling some passerby where the coffee shop was on The Square.  He had done this before, because he directed someone to check out my shop one day,too.  I imagine he does it routinely.  The customer told me that, "the postman sent me here."  How fun is that! 
Not only is he delivering the all important mail, but is a walking~talking chamber of commerce, too! 

Only in a small town...and this folks, is the view from my front porch.

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