Wednesday, October 5, 2011

With a pop, grind, gurgle and screech...

After years of not having any crop, Steve planted and is harvesting the beans today.  Great memories ensue...memories of our early days of dating and marriage.  Nice memories!

With a pop, a grind, gurgle and screech, the combine sputtered to life.  With what seemed like a bit of a hop, it chugged its way towards the field with a very happy man at the wheel.  You can take the boy from farming, but you can't take the farming out of the boy.

When we started dating...24 years ago, my hubs row cropped a few hundred acres.  As the years went by, slowly but surely, so did the acres.  Not for any reason, other than getting a ready made family meant less "single" time and more family time.  Working full-time and adding the responsibility of a wife and kids, it was time to put the row crop to the side.  With the nest empty now, our time is a bit more of our own. 

I didn't realize how much I missed that part of our life...I'm glad I'm home to see it, hear it, smell it.  With a pop, a grind, gurgle and screech, harvest has begun!

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