Monday, September 19, 2011

Well...some things got left behind

We left early Wednesday morning...destination Shakopee, MN.  As usual, when the mind settles down a bit, I started to remember the things I forgot to take:  post office window, a huge clock, and a few other things.  Always too far from home to turn back, I just had to let it go.  So, the win is for those who've had their eye on these things...they are still there, or will be coming to the shop from my studio garage.

We happened to come upon a good sale on our way home, so we added to our left overs from the Junk Bonanza and have a camper full of "goods".

Steve was able to implement my designs of flowers and a fish...I have more I need to get down on paper.  With my ideas and his welding and finishing detail skills, we make a pretty good team.  All of his hand crafted items SOLD...which made him SOLD on the idea to do more.  At the sale, we found some great pieces that can be implemented into more designs.  A fun, fun, sale.

It was so nice to see my "old" pals from last year's B and I had the pleasure of meeting some new booth buddies.  Here's a shout out to:  Robin Hanson of Vintage Style Market
in Annadale, MN.  A wonderful selection of vintage clothes...oh to be super small~I'd have had me some new "old" clothes. 

The Bonanza was fun!  Creativity breeds's inspiring to be around so much energy, and positive vibes.  First things first...the camper needs to be emptied, then on to getting Burlap & Roses back in order for this weekend.  No rest for the weary!

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