Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's feeling like fall out there today!

How was your weekend?  Did you have to Labor or were you lucky enough to have a long weekend?  I hope the later.  A day off is good for the soul...attitude...well being.  My family hosted a family reunion and it was wonderful.  The wind put a bit of a damper on the fun and festivities...and my decorating ambitions, but, overall...it was successful. 
One of the reasons I wanted to do the reunion was a spin off of a slumber party I had with my aunts a couple of years ago.  I had written questions down that I wanted to ask...to "get to know them" for posterity.  So much has been lost through the generations and I wanted to get it written down.  The aunts loved it and so did I.  At my cousin's get-together last fall, I shared the questions/answers with them...and, they too, loved it.
So, we did a mini version with four generations present.  Young and old alike sat in a large circle and the questions were directed to the "elders" in the group.  I think we all learned something new through this.  It's something that I hope to continue...while we can ask and those amongst us can answer. 
I encourage you to do this, too.  If you're needing help getting started, Burlap & Roses carries Table Topics, conversation starters.  You'd be surprised by the interest level of the teens and twenty somethings.  It's their history.  The elders enjoy reminiscing and those in between get to share and learn, too.  Versions for friends, dinner parties are available, too.  A great gift!
This past weekend at Burlap & Roses was one of the funnest I think I've had.  Several new customers came in and I was excited by the creative energy of one group.  They found many items for "projects".  They are just getting their biz up and running.  Can't wait to see what they do with their finds.  I met a gal who stopped in on her way for a bike ride~starting at Burlap & Roses, where she fueled herself with a delicious muffin and coffee, bought a cute t-shirt, before heading to the bike trail at Martensdale and onto Des Moines and back to Burlap & Roses to get her car.  I sent her a message and she replied that she had made it home safely.  I thought about her several times during the afternoon and evening.
Saturday brought in three sisters who I enjoy immensely.  Becki emailed to reserve a table for three for lunch.  She asked if I was ready for the Brommel Girls.  I replied, "always ready for some Brommel Girl's Happiness." 

I'm living my dream...it wouldn't be possible without the encouragement, support and most of all my customers!  I do not neglect or take this fact for granted.  Thanks one and all.

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