Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Inspires my creativity at home?

I'm often asked, by those who shop at Burlap & Roses, "is your house decorated with this kind of stuff?"  And, I have to answer, "not really".  I have bits and pieces, combining vintage with new.  You'll find the shabby and chippy things in my garden areas by way of birdhouses, garden decor, Adirondack chairs at the beach/pond...maybe a table or two at chair side, but for the most part...shabby and chippy are not part of my decor...however, if I lived in a cottage on a lake...IT.WOULD.BE.THERE.

this photo shows our remodeled kitchen/DR.  You can see the color scheme, pine flooring and woodwork.  The table is an Ethan Allen,  found at a garage sale years ago.  I stripped it and applied new paint in a creamy white, sanded it in all the right places.  It's been in our family for over 20 years.
For the most part, I'm inclined to decorate with clean lines, an uncluttered look (not to be confused with "clutter" from magazines, laundry and mail ; ~l )  I prefer reds and golds in my color choices.  I've tried to go "all white" or neutral and it just doesn't work for me.  I've done one room in a periwinkle blue, and it just doesn't appeal to me the same way...although I think it's pretty.  Red and golds are in the bedding. Red stirs something in me.  An energy.  Gold cozies things up a bit.  

I'm definitely a "purist" and prefer organic materials:  cotton, linen, burlap, wood, ...lots of texture.  I'm turned off by plastic and vinyl...thus, the siding that encompasses my exterior would be down in a heartbeat if our budget would allow...same with the blinds at my windows.  But, I have to pick my budget battles!  And, I will say, vinyl has it's place and looks nice.  I just happen to like vintage homes and original...everything, if I can have it.

Our home ca. 2009
Much of my decorating is defined by the house...what it calls for.  A typical 4-square farm house, it has original woodwork throughout. Straight-lined, the woodwork does not have fancy fret work or hand carved details.  It's very simple...which I like.  Anything that would be froo~frooie or Victorian would not appeal to me. And, I most likely would not purchase a house with that look...pretty, just not me. 

Pine floor boards call for an understated, casual look.  I love hand braided or area rugs to define a sitting area.  I have a couple vintage hand braided rugs that I just love and have had for awhile.

The Rooster Room
One of the things I enjoy most...both at home, and in purchasing for Burlap & Roses, is to replicate, more affordably and creatively, the looks found in Pottery Barn, Ballard Design or Garnet Hill catalogs.  The Pottery Barn look is very appealing to me.  I have PB, BD and GH items in my decor.  Mostly in bedding. I would have lots and lots if my budget allowed.  So, for me, the challenge to recreate is what's fun. It's what drives my creativity.

What Inspires your creativity at home? 

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