Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How does this photo make you feel?

I have a file on my computer of photos that INSPIRE me.  I have several collections of these files...only not as nice and neat.  For years...and years and years, I've torn out fav photos from magazines to my family's dismay.  I stack them, I sort them, I look through them time and again.  It's eye candy...it's fuel for my creative soul, it's my favorite pastime.  My "old fashion" files and drawers are overflowing.  

I've found the website:  Pinterest.  Check it out...it's a great way to save your favorite photos and things...I've just recently become introduced to it, so I'm not sure what all can be done...but, I can pin the photos that INSPIRE me right to this site and walla...I have another collection!

Sometimes, when I look through the stacks of INSPIRATION, I'll find a picture or two that I'm not quite sure why I've included it.  I'll look and look at it, trying to find the appeal.  This does not happen often, as my tastes usually run true and I definitely have a "look" that comes through over and over again.  I'll toss them out, only wanting to crowd my "files" with what truly INSPIRES me!  

Such is the photo above.  It's light and bright and I can see myself there...I like to think about how I'd tweak it for my own personal taste, and I would definitely have a red coverlet over the blue.  But, the blue is pleasant.  

What about you...do you like this photo?  What feelings does it evoke in you? Would you keep it the same or make some changes to reflect your personal taste?  Share your thoughts with me.  And make today an INSPIRING day!

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Cathy said...

Beth, I really like this photo. It sings summer vacation by a lake, nice warm breeze and cool nights.