Friday, June 17, 2011

It's All About Small Town Living and Believing

Photo by Daniels Photo fx, 
I just read this on another person's page. I think it's relative to every small town in America. The only thing I'd change is: "waiting to be RE-discovered" Small towns and the entrepreneurial spirit is what this country is built on. What do you think?

Main St. Mercantile, Ft. Scott. Hrs. Sat. only 10-5. I told Sherri I'd tell you about her. We visited about sm. towns, "diamonds in the rough" she called 'em."waiting to be discovered.""It's all about seeing the glass 1/2 full & not 1/2 empty." she added. She's surrounded by buildings for sale,works a "day job" yet soldiers on with a smile, believing she just beat the rush. I love enthusiastic, hardworking, put your shoulder to the wheel & never look back entrepreneurs!

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