Saturday, May 28, 2011 a bottle!

I'm a story teller of sorts.  The older I've gotten, the more of a story teller I've become.  The other day, at my shop, some of the neighborhood kids were over and I was telling them of the penny candy we used to get at the neighborhood grocery stores.  

I would love to have penny candy in my shop, but that's not possible now, I did the next best thing and found "nickel" candy.  Still cheap and something the kids can stop by and buy a piece or two and have the same fond memories that I and my cousins have.  Others, too, have experienced the same thing from their childhood.  

The kids come in and lift off the lid of the old fashion glass container and pick out their favorites.  The tinkling of the lid, as it goes back, makes me wonder back to the "good ol' days".  

The mother of the kids came by the other day and was telling me how excited her Joe was about the nickel candy and the story I had told them.  Who would have guessed that would be the case?  It made me happy to know that he listened and remembered and felt it important to tell his mom.  

At some point in our conversations, I had mentioned Pepsi in glass bottles and how I would love to have one.  Well, today, to my surprise, in walked one of the girls holding out to me a glass bottle of Pepsi.  She said, "I have something for you" with excitement in her voice.  I came around the corner, saw the bottle in her outstretched hand, as she was saying, "I saw this and thought of you".  

Made my day.  It's the littlest things that bring a smile to my face.  I could see, on her face, that she was as gleeful about it as I was.  

I went right to the kitchen of the coffee shop and opened, right then and there, and took a big swig!  Remember the tinny taste on the mouth of the bottle from the metal lid.  It was there.  Cool and refreshing.  One gulp, two gulps...ahhhhh!  

Now, what would absolutely complete this picture for me, would be my aunt and uncle or two and cousins, gathered at my grandparents on a Saturday night, with homemade hamburgers, Highland Potato chips, and AE Dairy toasted onion chip dip for supper.  In the background would be music and song, as the Lawrence Welk show played on.  

Thanks, sweet Danielle for thinking of mr and giving me an afternoon of memories to think on while I cleaned the afternoon away...stopping long enough for a quick, smooth sip of my glass bottled Pepsi.  She didn't realize that what she really had for me was a blissful memory of my past.

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Monica said...

What a thoughtful thing for her to do! Justin tells stories from his childhood at his grandpa's implement and the glass bottles of Pepsi. It is sad that our kids/grandkids won't have the same memories of glass bottle Pepsi b/c it isn't as easy to find anymore.