Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lessons learned and new understandings...and I have FAITH

My cousin made a comment the other day on Facebook regarding her happiness and contentment in her life.  She finished the statement off with "Thank you, Lord!"  Yes, thank you Lord!

I responded with this, "The hard part is having Faith in Him when things aren't so rosy...but, Faith I do have and that gets me through the rough spots."  And, it does!  

At the end of last year, December 31, 2010, exactly; I took a leap of faith and put my real estate license into referral.  I've never looked back.  I applied for several jobs~now I have an understanding and empathy for the unemployed looking. See, a lesson learned and a new understanding.  I gave it a few weeks, then I had to make a decision.  I also believe that a job never came about because my heart and soul is with my shop and the expansion of it, developing the B&B and making better use of our farm in "today's" market.  

I've never been one to put my goals in writing and map out a plan to achieve them.  This has been no different!  I'm haphazard that way...but, I know my heart and I know where it leads me.  It's not on paper, but it's in my head.  I decided it was time to "follow my own advise" to so many others, "if you do what you love, what makes you tick, success will come!"  AND, I turn 50 this year, and I can't think of a better time or age to make a change!

My hubs and children have not been so "excited" about what I've done, wondering "what is she thinking," I'm sure.  It's not been the wisest thing financially, either.  However, let me stress here, I was in real estate...an independent contractor, and with that, no sales~no moola; so, having a steady and normal income is not something our household was used to.  And, real estate has been ODD at best the past few years.  I enjoyed much success in real estate...it just didn't hold my interest anymore.  As I said, I've not looked back.  

Now, what my hubs has witnessed is how things just come together and weave themselves in and out of our life.  One thing leads to another and things just take shape.  He said to me one day, "it is funny how things just seem to come together for you".  Oh, ye of little faith.  I live with gratitude in my heart, mind talks with God all the time...and Faith.

I'm reminded of this constantly.  As I said, leaving a career in real estate may not have been the best decision~OR, maybe it has been!  When the other stresses and demands on me are gone, I can get to the business of my LIFE.  The life I'm supposed to live...the life I have imagined.  

We also had an investment property that was draining us financially... Something had to go...and it did~we sold it!!!  I hope we never get to where we were again.  I like living a more "authentic" life, where less is more!  Lessons learned and new understandings.

We're strapped like we've never been before.  It's been fun, actually!  I shop wiser, we eat at home more, and my meals are planned with longevity and frugality in mind. We started getting books at the library, instead of purchasing them.  I put things back on the shelf that I otherwise would have purchased without a thought.  We got rid of the frivolity in our household...no home phone, we didn't use it anyway!  The Directv is out of our budget, too.  It's all been well and good.  I actually think I could live without t.v. completely.  I find I'm more active and look forward to creating, rather than watching a program.  It's really, really been good.  And, regular t.v. offers more than just a few channels now...who knew?  If anything, I have gotten "wiser" as to what I spend, where and when.  It's certainly been a time of adjustment...but like I said, it's been really, really good!

I'll sell something from the shop when I'm there working, a forgotten refund check will come; I say "NO" more, rather than "Yes" to everything.  And, I've put it out there.  I'm not ashamed or embarrassed.  I'm willing to sacrifice for the things I really want.  My life is more in balance and I'm happy and content!  

And, I have FAITH.  I always have had.  I've always felt that I had guidance and safety from the Man upstairs.  He's led me thus far and he'll lead me further.  With that said, if I fail, my Faith in Him will continue...it always has.  He's never forsaken me.  I.Have.Been.Tested.  There's always a lesson learned, a new understanding that one would never have had, if they had not walked down a certain path, taken a different turn or kept the monkeys on their back.  

Here's a funny thing...I'm finding dropped coins all the time.  Not just pennies, but nickels and dimes.  Each time I see one, I'm reminded that God does provide.  Sometimes I pick them up and sometimes I leave them, hoping someone who really needs them will find them.  It's just a gentle reminder to me...it inspires me!

"The hard part is having Faith in Him when things aren't so rosy...but, Faith I do have and that gets me through the rough spots."  Lessons learned and new understandings...and, I have FAITH!

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