Tuesday, March 15, 2011

While there...take in the views

It's funny (odd) to me that I don't enjoy my farm more.  Sometimes, days, weeks, months pass by, and I never venture out and take in the sights and views from our place.  One thing this getting up early and going to do the chores has done, is made me wander around and enjoy the views.  We have a magnificent one, I must say.  I'm also finding lots and lots of things that need to be done...but on this particular day, it was all about the views.

Busy filling the buckets with feed, throwing it out in the feedbunks and chatting it up with my "boys", I haven't really stopped and just taken it all in.  But, the other day I did, and looking out over the feed lot, to the south pond and beyond was so uplifting and refreshing.  I.must.do.often.

Early morning has always been my favorite and I've
just gotten out of the habit of getting up and getting my day started.  I haven't needed to be up and out the door at any given time on most days.  I'm working on changing that, though.  Trying to get my body clock back to the way it used to be.  I'm up early on most days, just not ready to go anywhere...I want to clarify that.

On that particular morning, about 8:30, this is the view from one vantage point on our farm.  It's lovely, don't you think...even in the dull, gray, quiet of the lingering winter  Wide open spaces and views for miles.  Ahhhhhhh!  My lungs filled with crisp, freshness.  My breath crystalized in mid~air.  There was an awakening to my senses.  An awakening in my soul; and I just breathed...

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