Monday, March 21, 2011

A promised adventure

Kendall, left and Grace, third cousins, got to have a sleepover
at our house.  It was an adventure.

These two...well, they're quite a pair.  Third cousins, pretty darn good friends. Lots and lots of energy and creativity to match.  Whew...

It started a few years ago, when the girls were younger and here for Christmas or Easter.  They had a pretty darn good time playing and didn't really want to leave.  I told them I'd have them over sometime for a sleepover. Well, we just now got it accomplished. 

Both of the girls are rounding out their Kindergarten year.  Maybe this worked out to be the best time to have gotten this together.  Still cute and funny and enjoy most anything life brings to them.  Not too bossy, not too homesick, not too argumentative.  Yep, just about the right age to have the sleepover.  It was perfect timing, I'd have to say.

Both were giddy with excitement as the week turned into days, into mere hours of coming here.  Their moms shared their excitement through Facebook messages and the pressure was on for me to "have my act together".  They were expecting great things...oh, brother!

They arrived around two o'clock on Saturday roaring and ready to go!  If only we could have gotten the moms to leave, the party could have started. They had their sleepover last, they needed to let the little girls have their fun!  Finally,(and I'm really only teasing) they left and we set out on our adventure. 

Arms full of glue, glitter, pretty papers, scissors and the like, we started on our first craft project.  It was most enjoyable.  They both have active imaginations and knew exactly what they wanted to do.  Neither had the need to copy the other, they just did what they wanted to do.  And, they did very well. 

About an hour into the crafting, my oldest, Courtney called and asked if we could be over around five to feed the bottle calf and play with the lambs.  No prob! 

Note the pink dress and jeans.
So, off we went to get the girls dressed for the farm. 
Note to Kendall's mom...bibs, boots and no white tennis (just had to remind her again).  What I came to realize is...Kendall's mom most likely doesn't stand a chance when it comes to her wardrobe.  Kendall is a girly-girl, no doubt, and, loves to wear dresses and tights.  Let me just share with you;  Girly-girl aside, that Kendall is up for most any action...she'll just be dressed to the nines. Gotta love that kid!

Grace is saying "been there,
done that, no big deal"

Grace on the other hand, she had all the gear and when she had it all on, she reminded me of a little GAP kid modeling the latest look.  Grace gets to visit her grandparents farm quite often, so our little side adventure wasn't as big a deal to her, as it was for Kendall.  She's no ninny and was up for anything and quite patient to let Kendall experience what she already knew.  Gotta love Gracie!

Once we were done visiting all the animals at Courtney's, we headed back over to our farm where there were more chores to do.  We jumped on the 4-wheeler and took off.  Chores done, now chow time.  The girls were famished.  Kendall joined me in the kitchen and Grace had a captive audience in Steve(he's hurt his back and horizontal most of the time).  Grace reminded me of myself.  She loves to play school, just as I did.  Steve made a great teacher and she, a great student. 

Kendall and I made homemade pizzas. Yummo! They turned out great. She was not a moving target, so I was able to get a photo of her. Grace on the other hand...this is like the third photo I tried to get of her and Steve...I gave up. 

Needless to say, bedtime couldn't come fast enough...for Steve and I, let alone the girls.  Kendall was ready for bed, poor Grace was too, except for her extra runny nose.  She meandered down to us for a bit...meanwhile, Kendall fell asleep.  Finally, we all were in bed and sleeping soundly...UNTIL the thunder and lightning started.  I was thinking to myself, they'll sleep right through it...yea, right! 
Sunday morning was mild, but soggy.  The girls played on the front porch in their pj's and winter coats.  I was able to sneak out and do the chores without them wanting to tag along.  When I finished, I came and got them and we went for a 4-wheeler ride.  The chrill of their screams...OMG!  A sound like no other.  All in all, they loved the ride...and I did, too!  They really are good eggs and silly little girls.
Unually warm, we made it down to the pond for the final hours of their stay.  They had a blast.  I usually am down there with my nephews.  And, I found that these little girls played just like the boys do.  Dig, dig and dig.  They wanted to fish...I said no.  They wanted to swim...I said no.  I told them we could do that this summer when they came for a sleepover again...
The moms came, we visited, they left.  I was in a vegetative state for most of the rest of the day.  A promised adventure equals a day of rest for two adults.  They wore us out.  Gotta love those girls!


The DeHeer's said...

They had a great time. Miss Grace was worn out too. She is ready for the swimming though :) Thank you again for taking time for them. I'm sure they will remember this for a long time.


Inspired Life said...

I can only hope that they, too, will have two little girls in their lives that they will do this with, also. The circle will continue.

I fully enjoyed it, as did, Steve. We shall try to do it again. Summer, floaties and the pond!