Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm a GLAMOUR fashion "don't"...chore time fashion

As I was putting on my clothes...(my getup) to go out and do the chores, I was quickly reminded of a time, quite a few years ago, when I wore another "getup" to my guests amazement. 

On the acreage we originally lived at, there were 9 cres in CRP and running right next to it were another 9 acres that my hubs had row cropped.  This made a perfect scenario for evaluating the effect of land being set aside for a period of time vs. land that had been worked for the same period.

On this particular day, a few employees from an agriculture business came out to prepare the ground and do their study. 

At that time, there was not a restaurant in town for them to go eat lunch, so I thought I would go out and invite them in to eat.  It was a hot, hot August day...and, my hay fever was in full swing.  Oftentimes, when it was really bad and I had to go outside, I'd wear a mask.  It helped tremendously, so I put it on, along with my shorts and rubber boots and headed out to do the inviting.  I fully intended to explain "why" I had the mask on, so they'd understand the reason for it.

For the study, the group had dug a six foot trench, and were down in it.  As I approached, I could see their heads bobbing up and down and unbeknownst to them, I was making my way out to them.  As I got closer, they could hear my boots squeak and squawk as I walked.  As I looked up, I realized they had, too, and I've often giggled over the looks on their faces.  What a sight I must have been.  A Glamour fashion "don't".  After making fun at my "look", they quickly accepted my lunch invitation; nice conversation ensued over lunch. 

As my photo shows, I don't have the regular "farm girl" gear.  I hate being confined in coveralls, my winter coats are too nice to wear out in slop.  AND, these days, I get way too hot, so, I dressed in whatever was at hand, that didn't matter if it got dirty, wasn't confining and was layered. Thus, the "getup" shown above. 

It's all about fashion...and this was another Glamour fashion "don't"  However, I'm perfectly clear on the fact that the cows don't care!

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