Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gotta love the men in my life...

Here they are...all 61 of them.  Cute, aren't they?  We've been along just fine for the most part...however,  the mud and muck got a little overwhelming for me the other day.  Going from feed bunk to feed bunk proved to be quite a task, as it was like quick sand and my boots were getting stuck.  I fell!  Yes, in the mud and muck (aka poop). Luckily, not face first and only on my knees.  BUT, it scared the muck right out of me...I was up in no time, hollering at the calves to scare them off so as not to trample me.  They are hungry come feeding time with only one thing on their mind and nothing, not even me, the feeder of their food, would stand in their way.

After that, I decided something would have to change, so I called Tanner, my son, and asked him to come on the weekend and help me move the feed bunks around.  Remember, my hubby has hurt his back, so I'm the 'FARMER' in charge.  He said, YES! without hesitation.

I love the men in my life...I especially love the two legged ones.  These past few weeks have proven what a blessing they are to us.  Our daughter, Courtney, married a farm-boy, too, and without Chad, I don't know what we would've done the day the calves came here.  Then, he graciously supplied us with a load of wood for our woodburner.  I love him.  He's my comedy relief, he's the keeper of my daughter, he's the keeper of us, when we need him.  I love him!

Tanner...he's my first love.  He's my one and only son and he's the best.  When he was a little guy and into his teen year's, I always got a sense that my hubby, his stepdad, was competition for taking care of his mom.  After all, it was pretty much he, his sister and I for several years.  He was the "man of the house".  I've felt that again these past few weeks.  Not the competition, that's long subsided (I think) but that it was his role to take care of his mom.  He makes me want to cry...I love him so!  AND, he gave me my first, that takes the cake! 

One never really knows how they did raising kids until after they are grown.  I think to myself, as I sit here writing this, I did okay...his step dad and I did okay.

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