Wednesday, March 9, 2011

61 calves, a semi, a John Deere tractor and a super rainy, muddy day...let the fun begin!

Well, day one~first feeding down and all is well on the farm front. 

Steve, my hubs, hurt his back again(the first time was Jan. '07) and so, the past few weeks have been an adventure, again!  He went horizontal.  Not able to sit or stand for two weeks, right leg affected, a trip to the ER, with a two day stint in the hospital have been part of the ordeal.  He finally ruptured the disc, where before, it was just "bulging." Doing much better after an epidural in the back, he was finally able to go back to work, and all was well!

We normally get calves at the first of the year.  Not quite ready for them at that time, we knew it was getting a little late and now the back problem.  Well...we had to get them bought, so, the call went out to his buyer.  Our son came over and helped me finish getting the lot ready; our son-in-law said he'd come and help me, too. 

So, the call came in and the cows, 61 of them, would be delivered on Tuesday.  Perfect, (son-in-law Chad has Tuesdays off) ...except for it has been pretty warm, so the frost was coming out of the ground, topped off with a rainy, rainy day.  Hmmmm?  Would the semi be able to make it down the half mile lane to the lot?  THAT WAS THE QUESTION...THAT WAS THE PROBLEM.  NO! 

So, leave it to the John Deere was able to pull the semi, loaded with the calves up the lane.  Okay, that worked...until it got stuck again.  Back up, hook on, didn't work!  Back up, unhook, re-hook, unhook...finally, unstuck!  Too much messing around for me...

Meanwhile, the rain came down, the mud went up, Steve did too much, I got after him, the son-in-law finally explained "why" to the trucker.  I don't know if he was worried about the guy thinking Steve was being coddled too much, or if the guy would think I was being far too bossy (can't imagine that) whatever it was, I was worrying about the same thing, so I'm glad he told him what the deal was.  Except, he said "mother" is worried about him hurting his back, he has back problems, which then made me say, "I'm not his mother, I'm his wife".   Didn't want him to think I was THAT old, or, that I was pulling the Charlie Sheen card and the boys were my "gods". There was least it explained what was going on, to my relief...and Steve's. 

61 calves, a semi, a John Deere tractor and a super rainy, muddy day...let the fun begin...

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