Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cardinal's visit

A crimson red cardinal is a sight to see.  They are beautiful.  They feel like royalty to me.  If there were to be a king and queen of the bird species, to me, it'd be the cardinal. 

I enjoy seeing the many birds that come and go from our birdfeeders on a daily basis.  They are just cute to watch and make me happy.  I can count on one hand the times a cardinal has been seen by me at the feeders...anywhere, actually. 

The very few times I've seen one up close and personal have been times that have been unsettling for me.  I find that very interesting.  I've spoken and written before of the two cardinals that showed up right after my Aunt Kay's funeral.  I was sitting on my front porch, with my husband, and two cardinals (my aunt's favorites) perched on a bush just over the rail by my arm, sat for just a few minutes, as if telling me, "all will be okay."  Then they flew off.  I found comfort in that.

Today is one of those days.  Life just seems to be out of balance for me right now.  I'm unsettled, a bit nervous and simply put, "out of sorts".  I've been here before, as most of us have been.  I'm ready to shake this feeling, though.  Need to shake this feeling.

As I sat down on my comfy couch, pondering the same things over and over, coffee in hand, I looked out my window and there sat a beautiful crimson cardinal.  All will be okay...all will be okay.  It almost brought tears to my eyes. 

It's amazing what seeing that little red bird did for me.  Hope.  I love that word.  I think it's very powerful and if a person doesn't have it, life can be challenging.  I think Hope helps us to survive the unsettling times, the nervous and stressful times.  Without hope, we have nothing. 

This crimson cardinal made me see again, the hope for my future.  It put a little bounce in my step and got a different thought process going for me.  Don't we all need that at times? 

I pray often.  Sometimes it's just me having a little talk with God.  I always feel his presence...always.  But, today...the past few days, I've needed a bit more, and I fully believe, God new that, and sent me the cardinal...

A crimson red cardinal paid me a visit today.  It was telling me all would be okay.

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Anonymous said...

I cried and smiled and laughed when I read your blog. I have been wandering aimlessly for weeks now. Feeling unsettled, lost, nervous etc. I relive things, rehash things, imagine doing new or different things, I spin (like a very slow top). I told Bob I have no idea what is going on with me. Am I going to die soon and I am trying to come to terms with things, is something going to happen, good or bad, am I suppose to be doing something different than what I'm doing now, and what is that if I am. Reading your blog it seemed crazy you are feeling similar things.

We perched our Christmas tree beside a power pole outside our kitchen window that has bird feeders on it also. There have been a male and female cardinal settle in there the last few days. I've been thinking of aunt Kay too. Reading your blog helps me make more sense of everything.

What that is, I have no idea, but it kinda puts something together for me. I dont feel so alone in a process. I also told Bob I feel like I'm going thru a metamorphis of something. Maybe this is a middle age thing, I dont know. I do know every day is a blessing.

Thank you for your blogs, and maybe one day I'll figure out what it is I am doing!

Love Ya,