Monday, November 1, 2010

It was my kind of day

It was joyous, refreshing, relaxing, absolute delight!  That's right...yesterday was my kind of day!  The temps were comfortable and prime for baking and cooking.   I had a great nights sleep, so upon waking, I had the energy of my earlier years.  Sometimes these days, that's not the case.  Without going into detail...suffice it to say "I'm mid-lifing it!" 

So, with an abundance of energy, clear thoughts and focus, I started the morning off my making banana muffins.  The bananas...they, too, were prime for baking.  Yummo!  I've had my favorite recipe for years. It's simple, but good.  Muffins are one of my favs to bake and are always nice to have on hand for a quick snack. 

That done, I was off to the next thing.  Using the last bit of roast leftover from last week's meal(s), I chopped, sliced and opened a few cans.  Dumping all into a pot, I let it simmer all morning long.  I must say, it was delish! 

Here's my recipe:  leftover roast, cooked to perfection, chopped or shredded into bite size pieces.  One
X-large can of tomato juice.  Three tablespoons of beef broth granules.  Fresh onion chopped.  One can each:  carrots, green beans, corn...whatever you have on hand; liquid and all.  Frozen peas(or canned).  Four potatoes (red) peeled and chopped to bite size pieces.  One bag of shredded cabbage.  Simmer, simmer, simmer.  Serve with a variety of breads.  I must say...another YUMMO!  and, leftovers, too.

Good and hearty.  My meal was complete with a large glass of milk. 

As my day continued...I was on a baking craze, I pulled out the pie crusts I had in the fridge.  Now, my intention earlier this fall was to make apple pies.  Our trees were ladden with them.  But, time got away from me, I was sick for a few thing led to another and they didn't get made.  But, I was determined to get something made.  For interest, I decided to use what I had on hand...which actually, turned out to not be as much as I first thought.  However, I was determined.  Six pies later, I ended up with:  one cherry, one blackberry, two oatmeal and two pecan (with oatmeal).  Oh, and the pecan...I ran out of Karo syrup, too, so I added some honey to complete that requirement.  They turned out beautifully.  With that said, I prefer all Karo and all pecans in the pecan pie.  I'm a purist that way, I guess!

So, my day ended with a hearty bowl of homemade soup, dessert of pie and one very happy  hubby...he's a dessert kind of guy and unfortunately, I'm really not. So having dessert readily on hand is not on my radar. Now, to find freezer space for all the goodies.  I'm bound and determined to have these around for awhile and not eaten in a matter of days.  We'll see how that goes. 
It was joyous, refreshing, relaxing, absolute delight!  That's right...yesterday was my kind of day!  And this folks, is the view from my front porch.

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