Monday, November 29, 2010

The Doe and cat...a mystery

One of the best things about living in the country is the splendor of watching wildlife up close and personal.  If one were to linger awhile and take in the view, they'd be surprised at just how much wildlife there is in our own backyards. 

If we can't see them, we surely can hear them!  On schedule, coyote's begin their to the other.  Are they close or are they near?  At times, one cannot tell for sure. 

Much quieter and more polite, deer are grace on four legs.  I love to watch the deer.  Blessed with the opportunity to view them frequently from our home, they are amazing (inside a fence, of course) to see jumping, ever so swiftly, gently.

On one particular morning, I got to witness the most surprising and lovely thing.  Peering out a window from my bedroom, I noticed a doe walking along the fence line, which had a distinct path from our calves travels earlier this year.  The doe seemed quite apprehensive as she wondered down the trail.  Looking here and there, I wondered what she was looking for.  Not really acting like she wanted to jump the fence, she walked along back and forth.  Hearing but not seeing...

Eventually, out from the grass-lined fence came a black cat (I hope this didn't bring bad luck to the doe).  They looked at each other, then the cat scampered away.  Now, this is the most interesting part.  The doe followed the cat.  Keeping 10 steps behind, the doe continued to follow the cat into a patch of taller grass.  Of course, the cat was hidden, and the doe just paused, kept an eye on the moving grass and then followed along. 

It was the sweetest, yet most unbelievable thing taking place.  As I went about my business, I stopped again to peer out the window.  The doe was still there...looking around nervously.  The grass was not moving.  Where did the cat go?  I stood and watched for a bit longer.  A mystery to not only me, but the doe, as well.  She continued to look from one place to the other.  She seemed at a loss...where did her little friend go?

After awhile, the doe gave up and walked away.  I wonder what made her follow the cat?  I've not seen either since.  It was a lovely sight to see.  A most enjoyable way to while away some time.  A delightful memory to bring out every now again. 

The doe and cat...a mystery.


confident hope said...

Kay and I so much enjoyed stopping by and seeing you and your awesome shop. We loved the deer, so precious. Happiness to you!

Inspired Life said...

Hey, it was soooo good to see you and meet your friend. Funny that she and I both went to Saydel. A trip down memory lane.

I hope you have a terrific time in Chicago. Wish I were going with you. Don't miss Filene's basement...have you been there before?

Let's stay in touch. Let me know if you take any more classes at the Art Center. Maybe we can take another one together...Lisa, too!