Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Home & Garden...where my inspirations come to life

I've been busy...busy, busy, busy.  My mornings are spent with my real estate business.  My afternoons, weekends and any other 'free' time is spent at my shop.  I'm re-re-redoing, refreshing, re-styling.  It's been 8 years and time for a change.  It's been fun, uplifting and energizing. 

Time is closing in on me. I'm a, the push is on.  Almost every day, I receive a call or email from someone asking if my shop is open yet...and if not, WHEN?  My open date is coming soon. 

The THIRD THURSDAY SALES will start in July.  VINTAGE HOME & GARDEN will be open the THIRD THURSDAY each month and the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday...YES, I'm going to try being open on Sundays.  I'll be open 10:00~3:00 each day.  As always, I will try to accomodate shoppers by appointment. 

You're going to find a new look...walls have been repainted.  New vintage merchandise will be available, as well as NEW, new home and garden decor.  

Please mark your calendars now...and plan to make it a day shopping at Vintage Home & Garden and the other fine shopping venues in south~central Iowa. 

I'm inspired...are you?

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