Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." ~ Herman Melville
I received this today on Facebook. I really liked it and really, what a true statement.  Do we live a life of authenticity or do we imitate?  Imitation is the easy road to travel, isn't it.  And, it does flatter...but who? 
Something to think about today in our comings and goings.  Have a wonderfully authentic day inspired by originality! 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer in a Tomato

After a wet and soggy start to our summer, here in Iowa, the weather has been picture perfect the past few days.  Hot and drains you to just step outside.  But, not these past few days.  Energized and ready to entertain for the upcoming 4th of July Celebration...plans are underway.

I picked my first tomatoes from the garden the other day.  Summer in the form of a ripe red, juicy tomato.  As a little girl, my cousins and I, would pick a tomato from our grandparents garden.  Biting into it, the juice would run down our chins.  We'd giggle~take another bite~giggle again!  I love reminiscing about those times...all the time. 

I think it comes with the aging process.  We have a tendency to reflect back more and more.  Each generation thinking there's was the best, when really, if we each wrote down our favorite memories, studied them side-by-side, we'd realize that the memories are all similar.  They don't look much different...the basics.  The memories are much the same and really, I mean REALLY, have everything and all, to do with family and home. 

All that changes are the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the jobs we have...the home and places we live.  All of those things revolve around us~but, they really don't 'sustain' us. I find, as I move into this thing called 'grandma~hood', I want to share with Makenna...actually, even my nephews, those things that inspired my childhood. 

The songs we sang, camping, fishing, picking a dandelion and placing it under our chin to see if we like butter.  Family reunions, aunts and uncles, cousins around...all the time.  Picnics and holidays, Christmas eve pj's.  These are all generational and family traditions.  And, inspire in us the same need and want to carry them on...for the here and now and the generations to come.  

A ripe red tomato grows in my garden~a new generation will know the thrill of picking it fresh, biting into it~giggles will form, as the juice runs down a chin and I am inspired!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Home & Garden...where my inspirations come to life

I've been busy...busy, busy, busy.  My mornings are spent with my real estate business.  My afternoons, weekends and any other 'free' time is spent at my shop.  I'm re-re-redoing, refreshing, re-styling.  It's been 8 years and time for a change.  It's been fun, uplifting and energizing. 

Time is closing in on me. I'm a, the push is on.  Almost every day, I receive a call or email from someone asking if my shop is open yet...and if not, WHEN?  My open date is coming soon. 

The THIRD THURSDAY SALES will start in July.  VINTAGE HOME & GARDEN will be open the THIRD THURSDAY each month and the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday...YES, I'm going to try being open on Sundays.  I'll be open 10:00~3:00 each day.  As always, I will try to accomodate shoppers by appointment. 

You're going to find a new look...walls have been repainted.  New vintage merchandise will be available, as well as NEW, new home and garden decor.  

Please mark your calendars now...and plan to make it a day shopping at Vintage Home & Garden and the other fine shopping venues in south~central Iowa. 

I'm inspired...are you?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Great time with a Great Friend

It was a great time, shared with a great friend. I decided to try my hand at camping alone, my hubby has cows he needs to tend to, and my job allows me to be anywhere and conduct business. So, with a little planning, a date picked out, groceries purchased, clothes packed...I was off and pulling the rig behind me (followed by the hubby...he had to show me how to set up).

While in the midst of making my camping plans, I remembered my friend, Cindy, had purchased her own camper, so, I did what any good friend would do. I invited her to join me. So the adventure unfolds...

Steve left on Sunday morning, so that meant I had two whole days by myself, until Cindy made her way down. What to do, what to do? I had so many ideas and plans of things I wanted to get done. I didn't know where to start.

I finally decided to try my hand at watercolors. Not too bad, not too bad! It was fun and I lost myself in what I was doing. I was surprised at how enjoyable it was. Sitting at my camper table, taking in the views of the lake, I painted a landscape. Set it aside...I'd come back and tweak it later. I used my pencil to outline a rooster...what did I want it to look like? What colors would I use and how would I initiate texture into the painting? How would it all come together? My first attempt at watercolors was successful, enjoyable and something I wanted to accomplish. I'll come back to it again, and again, and again...I liked it just that much!

It was so fun, not a care in the world! No laundry to worry about, didn't have to concern myself with a meal for anyone. I was one relaxed gal. I pondered, I cleaned, I rearranged the camper (it needed to be done). My afternoon was filled with whatever tripped my trigger...which really wasn't much, but, it was nice! It was refreshing! it was liberating!

The adventure began when Cindy rolled in. I giggle now, just thinking about it. WHAT IS IT THAT IS SOOOOO DARN DIFFICULT TO BACK A CAMPER...ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER, INTO A NICE BIG PARKING SPOT? We both new what had to be done, we both new how to do it. But, then we noticed a real nice, older gentleman watching us. We, being the big hearted gals that we are, thought that maybe he had some testosterone induced need to come and help these 'damsels in distress'. So, we just played up to it and sure enough...he came over, beat on his chest and directed Cindy into her spot. We played our cards right on that one!

Of course, I'm just being silly. We were very appreciative of his help. And, as I mentioned, we knew what to do...JUST COULDN'T DO IT!!! This sweet man insisted upon helping us set up the camper. "Verle" was his name. Pretty soon, we waved his sweet wife over to join us at the picnic table. Shirley came right over and we had an extremely nice visit. Verle and Shirl went back to their camper and Cindy and I had supper in mine. Needless to say, it had to be the hottest day of the year so far, and we were hot, sweaty and exhausted.

Our two day adventure took us to Van Buren county one day and into Missouri the next. Yes, I did say Missouri. Jamesport, Missouri to be exact. A little shopping along the way, a stop here and there and lots and lots of talking and laughing.

Once again, I found myself basking in the joy of taking the road less travelled. My cohort in crime likes to do that, too. And so, there we were, driving along the back roads of southern Iowa and Northern Missouri. Gentle curves, rolling blacktop, grassy hillsides dotted with cows and the occasional sheep. A great time, shared with a great friend...taking the road less travelled and enjoying the adventure called life.