Thursday, April 8, 2010

Springtime Sights and Sounds

From a distance, I can hear the growl of a caterpillar moving dirt. The farmer, our neighbor, is terracing his field...a little conservation practice going into effect.

Outside my window, birdsong floods the air. It's so light and airy, a pleasant sound for the senses. Baby cows beller, teeny tiny sheep frolic and play.

In the early morning, just before dawn, the birds wake me from my slumber. What a great way to be awakened. Slowly, but surely, the sounds invade my mind. One eye opens, then the other. The birdsong is drowned out by my other senses. Then I concentrate and listen more intently. I crack my window to hear it more clearly. I love it.

Somewhere else, in the distance, I hear the whir of tires on pavement, as people travel to work. I'm sure their radios are up and there minds are on the day at hand. Did they hear the birds when they made their way to their car? Did they take in the sights and sounds of the early morning dawn...springtime sounds?

Springtime earlier rain greened up the lawn. Lawn mowers are in driveways being prepared for their duty...surely to be used sooner, rather than later.

Soon, tractors with planters, grasshopper-like vehicles will be trolling down the road, one farm field to the other, readying the fields for a crop that will soon be prolific in the countryside.

Fresh mown hay...I love the scent, will be rolled into bundles. Small squares will dot the horizon. A group of young men will be seen throwing the small bales onto a haywagon. Strong, hot and sweaty.

Springtime sights and sounds will give way to tall stalks of corn, stubby bean bushes and then, before we know it...fall harvest. A whole new world will awaken the senses again.

I love the sights and sounds of spring. Faith, hope and new beginnings.  I'm Inspired...oh, to be an inspiration!

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