Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inspired mornings...

Coffee in hand, I settle into my big, comfy sofa in the sunroom.  From this vantage point, I'm able to see the birds at our feeders, the daily coming-to-life of the trees in spring bloom, black cows dotting the landscape and green...our pastures, too, are coming to life.

I find this spot most mornings; and here I am inspired by my surroundings.  A story comes to mind, an idea for another decorating project, I'm reminded of a note I need to pen...I get inspired!

Yesterday, I spent some time with my drawing pad in hand, pencil at the ready.  I worked on my landscaping plan for our new entry way into the recently added mudroom. What colors will compliment?  Shade loving plants are a must...hostas, bleeding hearts, and coral bells are just a few of the plants that will find a home in that spot.  I want it to be very inviting and soothing.  Just a casual walk-way into my home that is void of lots of 'lotsa'...a delightful 'welcome' to my home.

As I started my plan, I quickly realized that it would become a bigger project, because, just like a home remodeling can't just stop at one redo and call it good.  The one redo makes the other rooms look a bit outdated, tired, lackluster.  So, my landscape design continued around to the south side of my home.  The walnut trees will need to come down;  they'll make great planters or a spot for birdhouses.  I'll have to study the growth of the trees and see how that could work.

The southside of the house, with the walnut trees down, will be a great spot for a butterfly and bird attracting garden.  Do I go with a 'cottage' look?  I love wildflowers, too.  Maybe a little of both.  A definate must...a birdbath or two...or three.

Well, I can't stop there.  If I do, the whole east side of the house will look bare not complete.  I can continue the southside landscaping plan here, too.  Not to stop there, it'll have to continue around to the front of the porch and wrap on around to the north side of the mudroom addition...another shade loving garden here, too.

As I sit here with my inspiring thoughts, I'm reminded that none of it will get done while I'm sitting here...dreaming, drawing and not doing.  So, it's off I go.  First things first...I have to mow. 

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That's so sweet! And yeah, the chores always seem to come first...