Friday, February 19, 2010

Cardinal watch

Today, from our comfy couch in the sunroom, my husband announced, "hey, there's a cardinal". Sure enough, a crimson cardinal was just beyond reach, sitting pretty on the tree limb in front of us. It is my goal to have cardinals and blue birds come pay our feeders a visit on a regular basis. We've seen each kind here and there, but they would not be considered regular diners by any stretch of the imagination.

Blue birds remind me of my Grandma Grace. Cardinals, my Aunt Kay. Both are gone now, but I don't think there's a week that goes by, that they don't meet me in my memories. Something happens or someone says something and I remember.

Today, I'm reminded of my Aunt Kay. She was my mom's younger sister and the first of the 'siblings' to pass away. Kay was committed to her church and the children that went there in her early years. I was blessed to be on of them. She inspired in me my faith.

Aunt Kay loved birds and the feeding of them. From her living room window, she could see the birds flitter and dance around the feeders, enjoying and appreciating the bounty provided them. Of those, there were cardinals.

When Aunt Kay got sick, she asked my husband and I if we'd raise her son, should anything happen to her. She had already lost her husband, so finding someone to care for her son was important to her. We, of course, said 'yes'. And, it came to be.

Knowing that what we took on was going to be a daunting task...for many reasons, but we moved forward, just as she would have done. Saying 'yes' and having it become a reality are two very different things. It was a very difficult time...especially for her son.

A couple of days after her funeral, my husband and I were sitting on the front porch having a cup of coffee. There, amongst the flowers and weeds, came to cardinals. They landed, looked and flew away. I looked at Steve and he looked at me. I could not believe it. Never before had we had cardinals...NEVER! And, we never had them again, at that place, that I witnessed. I found such comfort in that one instance. That one event. It was like she was telling me it was going to be okay. COMFORT in an overwhelming moment. It meant the world to me.

Who inspires you? With their words, their grace, their presence in your life. Is it a touch, a smile, a wink? I have found, it's in the subtle moments, the life lived, the word said unknowingly, that has inspired life more than anything. Be inspired, be an inspiration, be someone's CARDINAL in life.


Susan said...

Thanks for such a special reminder of Kay, who carpooled with me about 20 years ago. I remember how she loved the birds, but especially how she loved her son. She found much to appreciate during a life that was too short.

Inspired Life said...

Thanks, Sue. I had forgotten that you and she were friends. She was a great aunt.