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November 11, 2008 The ultrasound

The View From My Front Porch
December 2008

It was such a special day for us…so much anticipation. So much excitement! And, it all started back in August. Just passing the day in the usual way, I picked up the ringing phone and heard this on the other line, “Mom, how do you feel about being a grandma?” I replied, “Do I have a choice?” and we both laughed. Then I said, “what are you telling me?” “Alisha’s pregnant!” Tanner exclaimed.

The questions didn’t really come at me too fast. I just sat their taking the news in. How did I really feel about this? No great emotions…that I recall. Maybe a little giddy, as the news sank in. Then, as I came to my senses, so did the questions. When? How far along is she? I handed the phone to Steve…absolute happiness could be seen on his face. I sat there with a smile on my face wondering: Is she far enough along to find out the sex of the baby? Do I really want to know? Yes, No, Yes, No! and, then finally, YES!

We hung up the phone after telling Tanner we wouldn’t tell anyone. We wanted him to be the one to call his sister’s and grandparent’s, with the big news. This was good news…really good news.

The day that was filled with so much anticipation and so much excitement was November 11th, 2008. Courtney, my oldest, and I, were included in the ultrasound appointment…this was the big one. We, along with Tanner, Alisha (of course) and Alisha’s five year old son, Kobe, and her mom, anxiously awaited the nurse’s coming. Let’s get this show on the road, I kept thinking. Patience would not be one of my virtues!

Tha…thump! Tha…thump! Tha…thump! There it was, the heart beat…good and strong! Oh, and there was the hand…an arm, it’s nose, tha…thump, tha…thump, tha…thump. And the heart beat, some more. Instantly, I loved this little thing. Tha…thump, tha…thump, tha…thump, went my heart. In unison…we were bonded together, each of us, by this one little baby in the safe cocoon of its mother’s tummy.

From my vantage point in the corner, I was able to see the face of my first born, as she watched her first niece or nephew on the ultrasound. I got to see Tanner’s face, up close and personal, and I wondered what he was thinking. Tha…thump, tha…thump, tha…thump. I was sure I knew what he was feeling.

On this same day, November 11, 2008, Courtney was celebrating her 30th birthday. Tanner was concerned that his baby was healthy, I enjoyed watching my children witness such a neat event and we all found out that Courtney would be an aunt to a niece, Tanner would be a daddy to a baby girl, and I would become a grandmother of my very first granddaughter.

Tha…thump, tha…thump, tha…thump. My heart beat, is her daddy’s heartbeat, and her daddy’s heartbeat is hers…and the love continues one heart beat at a time... Tha…thump, tha…thump, tha…thump!

And this folks, is the view from my front porch
Beth Voltmer lives on a farm in rural New Virginia