Monday, February 23, 2009

I just finished reading my youngest daughter, Mackenzy's Ethnic Autobiography and am inspired by her last paragraph:

"One other very interesting thing that I have learned just from doing my research for this paper is just how mixed I really am. When I look at all of my ancestors from all sides of my family, I am part German, Italian, Swiss, Swede, English and French. This just supports my thought that for as discriminating and manipulative as Americans can be of other races or ethnicities, we are probably the most mixed group of people in the world. We have no right to shun someone for their color or beliefs because we are the mutts of the world; we have every type of blood running through our system, and I stongly believe that inthe end we are all intertwined with one another at some point in our family's history. I may not be an African American or Latin American on the outside, but I could very possibly be on the inside. Most of the sterotypes and beliefs we have come mainly from two things, one being parents and family, and the other being the media and society. I come from a family that does not discriminate against anyone, whether we believe in the same things or not. I also know that some of my ancestors had beliefs that were probably very racist and demoralizing, but I think as new generations form and society evolves and becomes more accepting of everyone, the younger generations become more tolerant and understanding of the people around them. I think that as a younger generation, we understand who was wronged in the past and are more willing to make peace with the situation because there will be no way to survive ourselves if we cannont unite together." Mackenzy Voltmer

What a wonderful thing, to see your child's viewpoint in print. For me, her openness and ability to see so deeply is inspiring...who could ask for anything more?

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