Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creative Inspiration

Wow! Two friends and I took a road trip to Minnesota this weekend to take in the JunkBonanza event in Medina. WHAT A FUN TIME!!!

Talk about inspiration...around every turn, in each booth, in the car...the motel was all around us.

My friends...well, I've found my 'soul sisters'...magazine junkies, junk junkies, decoration junkies...we are so much alike. We even had to walk away from an item we wanted, because the other wanted to purchase it.

Colors of fall filled the, rust, yellow, brown...oh, how I love this time of year. The cooler temps and crisp morning air...invigorating! I'm always inspired to redecorate my home, clear the flower beds and garden, trade out the summer wreaths with the fall ones. Out come the heavier throws and window treatments. There was plenty of accessories and decorative decor to fill in with what I already have and to freshen what's older and tired...time to refresh and renew.

My getway with my 'soul sisters' was fun-filled. Laughter followed us everywhere. Having someone to run a purchase by, someone to verify a color, talk us out of a 'poor' purchase...that was all part of the weekend.

Happiness found me as I dropped each of them, with their haul, at their homes. Taking each item out of the car brought back fun memories of when and where the purchase was made.

I was anxious to get close, yet so far away. I couldn't wait to share my purchases with my hubby. I picked out a few things for my office. A few things for home.

My inspired life...filled with friends. Soul Sisters...those who share the same interests, the love of the same things, or at least the appreciation and acceptance of the things we love. The same temperment, the same humor, so many things that are alike.

What inspires you at this time of year? Do you have a soul sister?

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