Friday, August 15, 2008

Time flies...of course, we're having fun!

I can't believe that summer is almost over and fall will be here before we know it. Fall inspires me. The cooler temps are invigorating. The fresh apples induce the interest in baking. Pumkins, gourds and corn stalk bunches encourage a room redo.

We went to the Iowa State Fair twice. Talk about inspiring! As I meandered through the fabric and threads exhibits, I stood in awe of the tremendous talent, creativity and beauty of all the entries.

I realized just how much I've missed sewing...something I used to do quite frequently. If I could make a clearing to my machine, I might take it up again (ha, ha)

On display, the granduer of the Budweiser Belgians was amazing. Stately and big...they are truly a wonder.

Have you visited the state fair...Iowa's or your own states? Tell me about it...what's your favorite thing about the fair?

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coachlickiss said...

I LOVE the State Fair! I got hooked as a kid, worked there are a teen, and performed on stage as an adult. Now the best is seeing the faces of my own children as they learn, experience and get inspired by the fair (but I can't take my husband - he hates it! I think he's an alien, not a true iowan). I missed it this year, but my 4 month old wasn't ready for it yet. Next year will be a blast!

I just found you new blog, Beth. I am enjoying your "inspired life" as well as my own!! Denette