Thursday, August 28, 2008

Teachers who inspire...

Inspiration comes in all forms and I believe we all have the opportunity to inspire someone else through our positive contributions in life.

I can't think of any career that would offer more opportunity, though, than a teacher. How rewarding it must be to inspire the love of reading, writing, the arts, history, etc. I think back lovingly to the teachers that meant the most to me in my formative years.

As I reflect back on those in my past that have had the most influence on me in my education-both in the classroom and as a person. I think about my sixth grade teacher, Mr. Voss. I remember him calling my mom and me in one afternoon to discuss the possibility of me 'going down the wrong road'. Seems I started taking an interest in a different set of friends...he cared enough to mention something to me...and to my mom. I'm forever grateful. An excellent teacher! He inspired me to look at my life, what I want from it and where I want to go in life...

Mrs. Lemon...picture this...Mrs. Lemon was coordinated from head to toe. The earrings matched the broach, the broach matched the bracelet, which matched the dress, which matched the shoes...and she was as round as a lemon, too. BUT, she never sent us home with homework. She said, your parents don't come home and do 'their job' work, and I don't believe children should either. Now, if we didn't get it done in class, because of daydreaming or goofing off, (a.k.a talking) then that was another story. We were responsible for ourselves. I have always remembered her philosophy on that for some reason. Inspiration came in the form of 'taking responsibility' for yourself and what was put in front of you.

Mrs. Davidson...she was my 6th grade science teacher and she was great...really made science exciting. One night, we all got to come back to the school to watch meteors in the sky...She sat up several telescopes and we just had the greatest time. It was in her class, too, that I got to work in a dark room. I often think of that when I'm taking photos now. There are others, too. Mr. Dirksen who introduced me to writing and Mr. Wilkinson who brought world history to life for me.

Inspire someone create, to learn, to take the initiative, to stand up for what's right...INSPIRE!

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TheCynicalOptimist said...

Beth- If I recall your an SHS Eagle right? I had a Mrs. Davidson there too- but she taught art... not sure if it was the same one?